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Is your dog feeling sick? Worry no more, the Uber for vets (and your pets) is finally here

Morgan Coleman

It’s amazing news for the 5.7 million Aussie households home to a pet with the launch of a first of its kind ‘Uber for vets’ app.

The Vets on Call app will enable pet owners to connect with nearby vets to book in-home consultations for their furry companions at their own convenience.

According to the Australian Veterinary Association, pet owners are increasingly viewing the role of a vet as to keep their pets healthy (71%) not just treat them when they are sick, with the most common reasons for a vet visit being a general check-up.

“For pet owners, the app means you don’t have to transport your pet to a clinic for something as simple as a general check-up and for vets, they can see the pet in its own home where its more relaxed,” said Vets on Call founder Morgan Coleman.

How exactly does Vets on Call work?

Vets on Call users search for an appointment by the time and date that suits them, select a vet that’s available and detail the issue being faced by the pet. The app generates a price for the visit before securing the appointment. Visits can be scheduled from 6am to 11pm.

“What’s more is that we give pet owners complete access to their pet’s health records – its saved in their profile so the next time they see a vet, he or she has the context they need without the hassle of contacting another clinic.”

With Australians spending more than $12.2 billion annually on pet products and services, and veterinary services making up the highest expenditure following food, 100 percent transparency on vet fees was also a driving force behind Vets on Call with all customers quoted their fee before their vet consultation.

“This whole idea came to me after I visited my local vet when my dog Milky was acting peculiarly. The whole experience made me realise there was a gap in the market where the needs of pet owners like myself weren’t being met.

“There are also no referral or prescription dispensary fees for pet owners so they are being charged for their vet’s service and the medications included only, any other items they may require they can purchase through the in app store at their leisure.”

Morgan Coleman

App features also include:

  • A pet store for prescription food, medicated shampoos and conditioners, preventative health care (flea, tick and de-worming treatment) delivered to your door
  • Medication next day delivery
  • A customer guide so pet owners know what to do before and after the vet arrives
  • A rating service with both customers and vets able to rate each other
  • A vet screening system and an in-built security system for vets

Coleman has partnered with vet Henry Wong and technology partners Nathan Sinnott and Rael Kuperholz. The app currently has 32 vets approved to work across Melbourne with a target of 50 vets and 5,000 customers across Melbourne by September 2018.

An inspirational Indigenous business

For Coleman, who is Indigenous, Vets on Call is also about being able to inspire other Indigenous entrepreneurs around Australia.

“I grew up in country Victoria and was the only Indigenous student in my school. I experienced first hand the difference in expectations others had for me compared to my non-indigenous peers. I draw on the resilience that cultivated everyday in my career.

“It’s important to me that other Indigenous kids see all the possibilities out there, especially in our burgeoning start-up economy.”

Vets on Call has launched in the Apple and Android app stores in Melbourne with plans to expand into Sydney toward the end of 2018.

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