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Is this a J-curve or the first half of a W-curve? (LinkedIn Discussion)


Every now and then one of our LinkedIn Group members poses a question or starts a discussion that we’d like to present to the broader Anthill community. We, too, have been feeling something in the air. But are our antennae twitching prematurely?

Is this a J-curve or the first half of a W-curve?

Is anyone else feeling a change? Is anyone else experiencing an upswing in market confidence… and (you might want to strike me down for this)… even new-business? My group sells new-business opportunities so the GFC hasn’t been all that bad for us. Obviously, interest in sales leads peaks when times are tough. But I am talking about energy and enthusiasm. I am talking about confidence. I have heard a theory that an initial upswing in the market will be followed by another sharp downturn (a W-curve they say). I just hope I don’t read this missive in three months time and cringe! I would be interested to see if anyone shares this optimism – or is it just me?

Brett Venables, Owner / Director at IRD Group

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