Home Articles Is broadband jargon too hard to understand? 91% of Australians think so.

Is broadband jargon too hard to understand? 91% of Australians think so.


The site Compare Broadband has recently completed a poll asking participants, “Do you think broadband providers use so much complex jargon it’s hard to choose a plan?” Ninety-one percent answered “Yes”.

Despite the efforts from the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) most Australians still think that the broadband market uses confusing jargon when selling its products.

Compare Broadband, a broadband comparison site, conducted a poll that revealed that 91% of Australians think that the use of complex jargon by internet services providing companies makes choosing a broadband plan difficult. In this poll 499 voters answered “Yes”, 44 answered “No” and 6 answered “Don’t Know”.

According to Jesse Somer, Compare Broadband spokesperson, “Australians are obviously confused about how broadband internet is being marketed to them and this means many consumers could be overpaying for their broadband.”

He also said that “has had some success in enforcing legislation against ISPs using deceptive or misleading advertising but perhaps it should now work with ISPs to ensure all broadband are sold in clear, simple terms.”

While many internet service providers maybe doing this unintentionally there are others that may be using technical jargon to deceive its costumers. The ACCC has already promised to crack down on these ISPs.

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