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Innovation versus Bureauracy (Yes Minister and the patient-less hospital)


After spending over an hour last night on hold awaiting customer service from a major Australian service provider (actually, I think those employed to do the servicing might still have been celebrating a certain Best Picture Oscar triumph), it occurred to me that Anthill stands for the antithesis of bureacracy. We support businesses and entrepreneurs that cut through the noise, devise creative solutions and exploit opportunites that less nimble organisations miss because they’re mired in red tape.

Sitting there, the phone resting in the nook of my neck as the optimistic soundtrack of globalisation lolled along, I recalled that quintessential scene from the brilliant BBC series, Yes Minister, where the Right Honorable James Hacker MP, Minister for Administrative Affairs, is informed by his Private Secretary, Bernard, of a brand new hospital with 500 non-medical staff and no patients. A bureaucrat’s idea of perfection. Enjoy!

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