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Video pitches wanted! Innovation Bay is offering four pitching slots at Sydney Angel Dinner in May


Innovation Bay is inviting startups seeking funding to pitch at the non-profit networking group’s Angel Dinner in Sydney on 21 May.

Entrepreneurs need to submit video pitches by 5 pm (EST) on 10 May. The top nine videos, as selected by a panel of experts, will be uploaded to Innovation Bay Angels website (private log-in access only) where members can further discuss your business with you and then vote for their favourites. The four pitches with the highest number of votes will be invited to make presentations at the Angel Dinner.

Innovation Bay has a warning: Please do not apply if you have submitted a video to Innovation Bay before.

If that doesn’t include you, then get your pitching hats on Anthillians! The deadline is approaching. Full details are available at Innovation Bay.

Innovation Bay was co-founded by Ian Gardiner and Phaedon Stough. Gardiner is the co-founder and CEO of Viocorp, an online video publishing platform. Stough is the founder and managing partner in San Francisco of Mitchelllake Group.

(Image source: Innovation Bay)

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