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If Sesame Street ran Apple’s marketing, it would look something like this [Introducing the iPogo 300]


Thank the Great TV God Philo T. Farnsworth for Sesame Street. If not for “SS,” we would never have learned how to count with The Count or sing to our rubber ducky or dance with Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Some of us even know that Sesame Street has never taken its finger off the zeitgeist. This show understands it needs to keep the older folks entertained and engaged, and it does it by staying topical and smart.

Which brings us to this offering for Anthill TV, in which Sesame Street does a sendup of Apple’s “there’s an app for that” meme for its iDevices.

The melody, as always, is catchy. And, of course, the concocted device, the iPogo 300, is to die for. But what we found the most fun are all the words that are used to rhyme with “that.” Need to practice singing scat?

And who can argue with: “Got a chimp who likes to chat? There’s an app for that.”

We at Stately Anthill Manor can only hope Sesame Street will attempt a send-up of the “Really?” campaign for the new Windows Phone 7. Or those Droid spots in which humans get all fuzzy inside over turning into machines.  Yeah, those campaigns need an unhealthy dose of Elmo.

‘Sesame Street:’ There’s an app for that

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