HP joins that cloud thing that everyone is talking about [VIDEO]

August 10, 2012
5 Business Lessons from Game of Thrones
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I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to having 5G, in fact all the Gs, available on the cloud.

The team at The Onion have woven their comedic magic and taken aim at HP, the cloud, Gs and CD-ROMs.

The cloud must be getting pretty darn full. I mean, every second person you talk to is building something on the cloud, putting something on the cloud or building their own private cloud, which is very Rolling Stones, if you think about it.

One thing is for sure. HP is going to use the cloud on its computers and people are already using it, and stuff.

The Onion – HP joins the cloud (satire)

5 business lessons from Game of Thrones

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