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How to turn your knowledge into products [ACADEMY]


Are you a business owner or does your business own you?

Think about it. Are you only as valuable as the number of hours you are available to work? You could be a consultant or a coffee shop owner.

If your business relies on you to open the doors, service clients or work by the hour, you haven’t built a business. You’ve built a 40 hour week coffin that won’t allow you to relax, go on holiday or ever realise the full value of your business if you ever want to sell it.

Could it be time to productise your knowledge?



Daniel Priestley has built several multi-million dollar businesses, spoken all over the world and is a best-selling author. His product strategy has driven several of his startups to achieve $1m revenues inside the first twelve months.

He’s spoken in ten countries and consulted with businesses in the UK, Singapore and Australia. He is also the founder of the internationally successful Key Person of Influence coaching program. And here’s something that’s also kind of important.

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