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    How to redeem your Google AdWords Voucher


    So, you’ve scored a free Google AdWords Voucher from Anthill and you want to know how to redeem it. We’ve found that while the sign-up process is intuitive, the part where you redeem your $50 voucher is seemingly hidden.

    Fortunately, if you follow these five steps, you won’t miss out. If you are still waiting on your unique voucher code, please be patient, as we must manually process each request. If you just can’t wait, please email: info[@]australiananthill.com.

    1. Set up an AdWords account.

    If you already use Google (for analytics or gmail), you can login using your existing account. If not, hit the ‘Start now‘ button. This part of the sign-up process is pretty intuitive. (It won’t give you a brain aneurysm.) Click here to get started.

    2. Verify your account.

    You will be sent an email from adwords-noreply asking you to verify your account. Click the link provided to verify that you are you. If this email doesn’t arrive, check your spam folder and update your filters. (You know the drill.)

    3. Important! Redeem your voucher (Billing Preferences)

    This is where it gets tricky. On verification you will be directed to your dashboard. Before you do anything else, click on ‘Billing’ and select ‘Billing Preferences’.

    Here’s a short video to explain how it’s done, created by US web development agency wix.com.

    4. Insert your code.

    At the one minute mark of the video above you will be shown where to insert your unique voucher code. It’s almost hidden. You must click the ‘Click here’ button to make the field appear.

    4. Click ‘Save and Activate’

    And that’s how it’s done. To get started, click here.

    If you’ve lost your code, you can register for another one here.