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How to harness bloggers to spread your message (the right way)


With the effectiveness of traditional media advertising channels waning, companies with new products and services are targeting the digerati in an effort to boost sales. But the blogosphere is renowned for being comprised of uncompromising mavericks who don’t play ball.

dosh-walletsEarlier this year, Australian wallet maker Dosh Wallets released its second line of wallets (which are über cool, by the way). Consumer awareness was low, so Dosh Wallets hired digital strategist Julian Cole and his team at Sydney-based agency The Population to create a buzz online for the product line release.

Cole’s concise write up of the strategy he formulated and pursued, to great success, is a fascinating read.

Of course, it helps if you have a cool product, but this case study maps out the anatomy of generating effective publicity in the digital realm. A must read for marketers, publicists and entrepreneurs who are still finding their feet on the rapidly-evolving social media landscape.

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