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Will robots take over? How automatisation will influence different jobs [SPONSORED]


Even though technology is an amazing invention, it sure has downsides. Automation will streamline operations in different sectors, but it will displace many jobs as well. Many people will lose their jobs and have no way to fend for their families because machines can do a better job than they can.

Over the next ten to fifteen years, the world will experience change like no other. Since organizations want to boost their uptime, they’ll definitely adopt automatization. After all, no company want to be left out of a significant change just to save people’s jobs. As technology advances, customers will expect better customer service, and this trumps everything else.

Even though companies create jobs for many, the main purpose of a business, from the owner’s perspective is to make profit, and serve clients to the best of their capability.

As a college student, you need to ensure that you acquire skills that cannot easily be replaced when automatization hits its peak. Also, work with online writing services like edu birdie review to ensure you graduate with good grades.

The next generation will need to fulfil higher educational requirements just to get entry jobs. Let’s look at the full scope of change that will be impacted on different jobs due to automatization.

Will robots take over?

Well, this is a conversation that has been around for a while now. The future of work is a serious discussion because not many people are self-employed. This is a subject that breeds fear because, from the look of things, digitalization is likely to rid people of their livelihoods.

When jobs go to the robots, what will the population do to survive? This is the million-dollar question at the moment. Well, even though it’s true that machines will take over most mundane tasks, it does not mean that corporations will not need personnel for proper operations.

Most jobs will be automated always, but companies and organizations will still need people to keeps thing moving in the right directions. After all, nothing can replace human intelligence.

How technology will balance the scales

People forget that Technology is, and will continue to create countless more job opportunities. It’s a give and take situation, and even though there will be casualties, it’s not as bad as people make it sound. As you know, fear tends to amplify the impact certain changes are likely to have.

Rising economic growth is empowering customers to spend more on service. This, in return, will force companies to maintain human touch in their operation. Service-providing occupations cannot be taken over by robots because machines can never fully emulate social interaction.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, close to 91% of new jobs in 2016-2026 will be in the service sector. So why are people fretting?

Take, for instance, sales jobs, do you think robots can successfully negotiate with customers and arrive at an amicable middle ground? You know the answer already. Most of the fears people in the employment sector have arisen from speculations and not hard facts. There is so much hearsay on the internet, and people are swallowing it all.

How to overcome the fear of impending change

To overcome your fear, think of a job as something that can be broken down into different tasks. Some of these tasks are quite routine, and they’re the ones likely to be taken over by machines. However, certain non-routine tasks require a human brain.

A robot that functions based on commands cannot succeed in completing complex and non-standard operations every organization has. Many manual jobs actually have a low risk of getting automated because they’re not routine. And the best part is such jobs don’t require high levels of formal education.


It looks like we actually have nothing to worry about. There is no doubt that change is coming, but its impact will not be drastic. Certain jobs will no longer be on the market, but Technology will balance the scale by creating new jobs. Make sure you learn everything there is to know so that you don’t end up as a statistic during this transition.

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