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Why 2018 is the year for your business to improve its communication with SMS


Strong companies are always looking for new ways to improve communication between the HR department and the employees that they serve.

When you want to make communication more effective it’s time to look at SMS. This is a fast-direct way for your HR department to communicate with the employees, and it will bring positive changes to how your HR department works in 2018.

Give your HR department the tools necessary to be a leader in human resources.

Alert everyone in an emergency

Quick thinking can make all the difference in an emergency. For example, Omni Hotels was able to utilize mass texting to alert their employees during the Dallas police shooting. With an SMS software, they were able to keep them safe as the crisis progressed by sending them quick and effective alerts. If there’s a security breach in your company, you need to make sure that your employees are safe.

When you send out an SMS to your entire workforce, your employees will know what is going on within minutes. You can also use this technology to send out an alert to let your employees know you were closing for the day because the weather is dangerous. No matter why you need to reach your employees in an emergency, you can do it with texting.

Ask for feedback with surveys

At the end of the training everyone is tired. If this is when your human resources department usually asks for feedback, the feedback received will be rushed and incomplete. Instead send out a text message to gather feedback a few hours or the next day after the training occurs. You’ll get more valuable feedback this way from the employees you’re trying to serve.

Remind employees of important events

If it’s time for open enrollment, you can send a quick text message to your employees to let them know to start thinking about their benefits. This makes managing the open enrollment period easier. Employees can ask questions about benefit plans or set up meetings with HR to choose their benefit plan. In addition, when you have numerous trainings to schedule throughout the year, text messaging makes it easy to remind employees that it’s time to attend a training. According to a study by Locket, the average adults checks his or her phone 110 times a day.

Keep your employees motivated

For 2018 to be a strong year, you have to keep your employees motivated. This can be done through offering incentives and sharing contest results through texting. If you want to set up a competition to see who can bring in the most leads this month, the competition results can be updated each week through a quick text message. Even motivational quotes will make a big difference to some of your employees. Increase employee engagement by sharing industry news and letting your employees know when they have done a good job.

Recruit easier with text messaging

60% of recruiters use texting in their recruiting process. Text messaging speeds up the process and allows companies to get the most highly qualified employees for a given position. To keep your workforce strong, give your HR department the ability to recruit using text messaging. Interviews happen faster, and onboarding is easier when text messaging is used. Employees will feel more appreciated when they are set up to work on the first day.

When you want 2018 to be a growing year for your company, you have to improve communication. Text messaging will give you the ability to reach employees within minutes and offers your HR department an essential tool for fast, effective communication. When you want to become a more successful business, it’s time to implement texting into your communication strategy.

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