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Here’s how to parody Apple, not get sued and sell lots of apple cider in the process [VIDEO]


This ad is full of terrible apple and Apple puns.

But they work.

There is something wonderfully amusing about a bunch of people entering an apple store (small ‘a’, no need to call legal) and having customers interact with apple cider.

The ad for Somersby Cider, produced by Carlsberg, has been viewed more than 1.2 million times in the week since its launch.

Apple is notorious for suing the pants off anyone who infringes its brand. Companies that have put a small ‘i’ in front of their brand have been tackled. In 2009, the company even took Woolworths to task for its branding relaunch as the logo included two apples.

But, Carlsberg and Somersby Cider seem to have gotten away with it.

Let’s all ‘single click’ to that!

(Image sourced from Bigstock)

Somersby Cider – The Somersby Store

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