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Have chunky fingers? Here’s an iPhone the size of a fridge!


We were tickled beyond words this week to discover that three Austrian developers have at last solved the problem those of us with fat fingers have when navigating a phone’s touchscreen. They’ve created an iPhone that’s as large as a refrigerator door. Your biggest, most chunky-digited AFL star can now swish through his apps with ease.

OK, it’s actually a table-like device that interfaces with a jailbroken iPhone4 or iPhone 3GS (sorry, Mr. Jobs’ earlier iPhones don’t have the necessary processing power). It’s called Table Connect, and basically it’s a 58-inch, high-definition LED touchscreen.

As for the demo video, I guess we can forgive these Austrians for pulling up a Schwarzenegger image from his Olympian-in-a-Speedo days. Revered countryman and all that.

But Sly Stallone? Dudes!

iPhone enabled Table Connect

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