Gruen Transfer ad wins Greens’ endorsement

Gruen Transfer ad wins Greens’ endorsement


promoted as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”).

It might not equal ’99 cents’ as a marketing ploy (aptly described as “brilliance in advertising” by everyone’s favourite fictional ad-man Don Draper).

It does not even compare to the absurd majesty of Comfort Wipe (spruiked by its makers as “the first improvement to toilet paper as we know it since the 1880s”).

But it, nevertheless, is no secret that we, at Anthill, think that the Gruen Transfer is pretty damn great.

This week, the satirical commentary program rose even higher in our approval ratings when it unintentionally became a serious, political production house for the Greens when this ‘fake’ TV spot was aired on Wednesday night.

Gruen ad for Greens — Republic of Everyone

The advertisement was created for the Gruen Transfer’s regular segment The Pitch, which pits two agencies against each other with an invitation to sell the unsellable.

Previous topics have included whaling and euthanasia. This week, the two willing ‘contestants’ were asked to sell a more topical long-shot — tasked to convince mainstream voters to switch their votes to a minor party.

Regular Gruen panelist Leo Burnett CEO Todd Sampson said on the program to its creators from Sydney agency Republic of Everyone, “It’s the best ad The Greens have ever done. I’m sure you’ll get a phone call”.

Sure enough, Greens spokesperson Ebony Bennett confirmed to AdNews the party rang the offices of Republic of Everyone yesterday morning requesting the ad.

“Overnight we had a big response on our social media networks to the Gruen Nation ad. We’re encouraging our supporters to share it online and post it to their sites and pages,” said Bennett, speaking to Adnews.

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  • Serena

    Classic! I don’t watch much telly, but I think I will have to check this show out!

  • Matthew White

    A refreshing and thought provoking ad that actually informs the viewer of the policies the party stands for rather than the clap-trap we are forced to watch on the television at the moment.
    As for the Gruen Transfer – fantastic show!

  • Elizabeth Ball

    I caught the end of the show and saw this brilliant ad.
    I hope they get paid as it is the best political ad I’ve seen and wipes the floor of the current ads.