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    Great Reads from Beyond the ‘Hill – August 18, 2009


    The Get-Started-Now Guide to Becoming Self-Employed

    How Do iPhone Users Discover Apps?
    Silicon Valley Insider

    How did Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users discover the 1.5 billion apps they downloaded before July 14, 2009?

    OK Labs plans float or buyout
    Australian IT

    Open Kernel Labs, an offshoot of National ICT Australia, hopes to go public or be up for sale by 2011, despite the global recession.

    Kindle Rejected By Australian Newspapers
    The Sydney Morning Herald

    The race by newspaper publishers to explore platforms to deliver their content digitally is hotting up with news that Amazon Kindle is, in effect, out of the running in Australia.

    Reader’s Digest Plans Bankruptcy Filing
    New York Times

    The Reader’s Digest Association announced on Monday that it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for its United States businesses within 30 days.

    Steve Jobs: The man who polished Apple
    Times Online

    Chief executive of Apple Inc and owner of Jackling House changed the world and cheated death. So why the paranoia?

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