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Google releases the gBall… eh herm


Gotta love Google.

It’s not enough that they have a kick-arse global business. They have a wicked sense of humour, too.

In October last year, Google released “Mail Goggles“, a Gmail Labs feature that acted as a sobriety test by forcing users to solve  maths problem before it would let them send potentially drunken missives at danger times (like 2am on Sunday morning).

Today, 1 April, Google announced that it had teamed up with Australian Football maker Sherrin to produce the gBall, a footy that can be tracked using Google Maps.

Fine work, indeed. And, while Google is famous for its April Fool’s pranks, it seems they’ve managed to hook at least one big fish.

[Here’s an even funner April Fool’s prank from up-and-coming web analytics company Woopra.

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