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How to get two million YouTube views a day on your latest video [VIDEO]


This is one of the latest videos to go viral.

Don’t you love that phrase ‘go viral’?

To have a video go viral is the dream of every business.

So, let’s take a look at what this video did that led to its success.

1. It’s remarkable

Okay, so this is a video of a group of talented, professional performers spontaneously bursting into song. On a plane.

But, what makes it remarkable is that it was unplanned and, completely natural.

How can you tell? The looks on the faces of the cabin crew and the passengers around them makes this obvious. People at the back of the plane are still struggling to put their luggage into the overhead lockers. This is real!

The cast from The Lion King had been in Brisbane to announce a season in the city. They’d had a great day. They were happy and so, as many people often do, when in this mood – they burst into song. It just happens to be The Circle of Life from the worldwide hit show.

But, it’s the spontaneity and authentic vibe of this video that has made it such a huge success. This is as close to the definition of a real flash mob that you can get.

Insight: Do something unexpected but, make sure it’s natural. If it’s a forced performance, it’s going to show.

2. Good distribution

Yes, The Lion King musical falls under the banner of Disney. So, it had good distribution. That will always help attract eyeballs to any content that you create.

But, it is secondary. If you look at the other videos on this channel (Disney on Broadway), they have, at best around 100,000 views. This video has received 12.5 million views in a week.

Insight: Good distribution and an engaged existing audience helps but, ultimately, it’s the content that counts.

See for yourself.

THE LION KING Australia: Cast Sings Circle of Life on Flight Home from Brisbane