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Get lost! Yes, you heard me. You have to get lost before you can create [VIDEO]


In this video, Steven Johnson, author of Where do good ideas come from?, explains that before you can find an idea that works, and I mean really works, you have to get lost.

You have to deliberately disorient yourself from what you know and walk boldly into the unfamiliar. Only then will you see your idea from all perspectives and, identify what will really make it successful.

Brian Eno has become legendary for this approach to creating music. While the bands he works with – think David Bowie, Coldplay, U2 and too many to actually list – are already super successful, in order to push them further, to have them get a new perspective and challenge their creative drive, he does one simple thing. He has the band members swap instruments.

This deliberate disorientation challenges the mind, creates new neural sparks and, genius happens.

Every entrepreneur can learn from this simple approach. Do something unfamiliar. Challenge your brain!

Steven Johnson on innovation