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Free online ’starting a business course’ for those ready to start


There’s a special place for those with a vision and the get-up-and-go to start something. www.thesbhub.com.au is an information resource and online community where you can learn a thing or two about starting a successful business!

Ready to start

Purpose of this course

The course guides you through the practicalities of opening a business and completing a business plan.

About this course

This course has six lessons:

Lesson 1
Become business compliant – We focus on business structures and what you need to do to become a legal business.

Lesson 2
Identify any capacity and delivery issues – Before you start it’s important to review your capacity, financial requirements and supply arrangements.

Lesson 3
Make it easier to start – With the fundamentals under control, learn how to lower the risk for your customers.

Lesson 4
Create a marketing plan – Link your marketing to clear targets to make effective use of your funds.

Lesson 5
Finalise your business plan – Complete a business plan, review your financial requirements and the feasibility of your business.

Lesson 6
Resolve any outstanding issues – Review your work, find additional support and build your business skills.

This course includes

  • Email reminders to keep you on track
  • Six downloadable workbooks
  • A course syllabus to navigate you through the course at your own pace, with links to articles and training modules