Men acquire social media gadgets. Women actually use then, study finds.

November 22, 2011
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Men acquire social media gadgets. Women actually use then, study finds.

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Female business owners are embracing social media faster than their male counterparts, says American Express. On the other hand, male business owners are more willing to adopt new technologies and gadgets.

According to research by American Express, Australian female business owners are leading the way when it comes to giving their businesses a social media presence and selling online.

The survey shows that 43% of female entrepreneurs use at least one form of social media in their business, compared to 37% of their male counterparts, and that they are more likely to cite Facebook as a tool to generate sales. Twitter is also used by female owned businesses (15%) more than by male owned businesses (10%).

Small businesses run by women are also more likely to sell their products and services over the company’s website (48%) than businesses run by men (40%)

“It is encouraging to see that 40% of all small businesses owners are using at least one form of social media in their businesses, demonstrating this sector’s resourceful and eagerness to embrace new technologies and methods of communication,” said Jason Fryer, head of Small Business Services at American Express.

The American Express survey also found that 48% of female business owners surveyed are planning to invest in a social media presence over the next 12 months while their male counterparts are more likely to invest in staff, training and new technologies.

Men also lead in the adoption of new technology, with 54% having a smartphone and 16% having a tablet device, while 42% of women business owners have a smartphone and 13% a tablet device.

“While male business owners focus on the importance of acquiring the tools with which to get connected, their female counterparts are more focused on putting these tools to work for them,” stated Jason Fryer.

American Express surveyed over 1,000 Australian small business owners. The company also launched a Facebook page which allows Australian small business owners to interact with each other and share their experiences.

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