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Entrepreneurs Week Melbourne kicks off for 2010


The third annual Entrepreneurs Week 2010 will showcase a hit list of business moguls, successful entrepreneurs as well as up and coming entrepreneurs who will share their stories and lessons learned.

In partnership with Melbourne’s most entrepreneurial organisations, including Mobile Monday, The Hive, TEDxMelbourne and the Churchill Club, E-Week 2010 will give participants an opportunity to gain the right skills, meet the right people and build their confidence to just get out there and start their own entrepreneurial endeavour.

Building on the success E-Week 2009, where over 1000 students attended, Student Entrepreneurs has been turning heads with E-Week 2010 gaining accolades from businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and the government.

In an open letter to support the Week, Federal Minister for Innovation Senator Hon Kim Carr wrote “businesses must embrace new ideas and new ways of doing things if they are to successfully navigate the challenging times in which we live.”

At the Opening Ceremony, CEO of Melbourne City Council Kathy Alexander, alongside founder of Mag Nation and regular Anthill contributor Sahil Merchant, will cordially open the event.

The “mystery object” for this year’s Innovator’s Challenge will also be unveiled at the opening ceremony. In this challenge, competitors will be given a regular, everyday object which they need to add value to in creative ways, and win one of many great prizes worth over $4000.

University of Melbourne Opening Ceremony

Date: Friday 6 August
Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm, followed by food, refreshments and networking.
Where: Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre A, University of Melbourne

Monash University Opening Ceremony

Date: Friday 6 August
Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm, followed by food, refreshments and networking
Where: S2 Theatre, Clayton Campus, Monash University

For more information about Entrepreneurs Week or to register your interests for events, visit: http://www.eweek.org.au/