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Entrepreneur John Nguyen creates first of its kind at-home restaurant-ready meals amidst COVID-19 restrictions

Founder of Eat Box Now, John Nguyen
Founder of Eat Box Now, John Nguyen

With COVID-19 bringing with it a long list of new regulations and restrictions on our favourite restaurant dining experiences, entrepreneur John Nguyen has launched Eat Box Now, a new at-home dining service that delivers your beloved restaurant experience ready to cook, eat and drink straight to your door. 

With a background in the food and hospitality industry, Nguyen wanted to provide the Korean bbq dining experience of freshly cooked meat, sides and dips in an easy to set up meal box, that takes one minute to cook. Given current social restrictions, Nguyen says you can even have zoom parties with your friends to replicate an authentic Korean bbq dining experience. 

“The social experience of eating freshly cooked meat and drinks at Korean bbq and sharing a meal over great conversation is a well missed social dining experience. Our restaurant ready meal boxes allows you to do this without having to venture out unnecessarily during these uncertain times,” said Nguyen.  

After feeling isolated from friends and family, Nguyen decided to launch Eat Box Now to replicate the social dining experience as best as he could for Sydneysiders within 35 km of the CBD by creating restaurant-quality ready to cook meal boxes that people could do at home, starting with a crowd favourite, Korean bbq. 

“Korean bbq is one of the ultimate social dining experiences which is best had with a group of people. Everyone is seated and gathered together around a hot grill cooking their own meals giving it a very communal atmosphere,” he added.  

What exactly doesn’t Eat Box Now offer?

Packed with all the meats, sides, salads, and dips needed to recreate some of Sydney’s most popular cuisines, starting with Korean bbq, Eat Box Now currently offers 2 boxes to choose from ranging from $58 for two people or $116 for four.

The meals are basically ready to cook and eat in 1 minute, easy enough for any amateur home cook to throw on the pan, bbq, grill, or hot-plate and bring that restaurant experience straight to your dining table. 

“The way we differ from other at-home delivery services is you do not need to spend 30minutes to cook from scratch or re heat pre-cooked restaurant take-out. Everything is prepared for you and all you need to do is place the items onto your table, throw the meat on a pan, grill or bbq and eat as you go or cook it all at once and enjoy your delicious platter. You can be up and ready to eat in as little as a minute.  

Nguyen came up with the idea after getting laid off at Ernst & Young due to COVID-19. 

“These new social distancing rules have changed the face of the hospitality industry overnight. It has opened up  new market opportunities to innovate and adapt to our new world. We hope to offer other themed dining experiences delivered to your door shortly,” he added.  

Since its launch on May 10, Eat Box Now has received 1,000 orders in just two weeks and has made over $15,000 per week. Nguyen hopes to expand his business to other cuisines like Vietnamese bbq and also other states and territories in the coming months due to increased demand. 

For more information, go to www.eatboxnow.com

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