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Emotional Australian advertising: Coles scores points with its Olympic ads [VIDEO]


Do I shop at Coles? Occasionally, but I feel wrong about it when I do.
Why? I prefer to support independent farmers and food producers. There are better ways of doing this than by shopping at Australia’s two largest supermarket chains.

Why do I feel this way? Ironically, the Olympic TVC from Coles is why.
Where this TVC was filmed, looks like where I grew up.
It’s not the same paddock, the same homestead, the same wheat stubble – but it could be.

Normally, when Australian companies set their ads in regional and country Australia, they tend to mess it up. Even our tourism ads never quite hit home. For those of us who grew up outside of the major cities, the way farms and small towns are depicted can be a bit cringeworthy.

But, Coles have nailed it in this ad. The only ad that springs to mind that has created an accurate depiction of country Australia and also is designed to produce an emotional response is the spot from Angel Flight (Video 2, below).

Plus, no matter which way you look at it, it’s vastly superior to those red-hand-waving-finger-pointing ads that are the current Coles branding horror.

Will it make me shop more at Coles? Probably not. But it sure makes me want to go back to visit where I grew up. So Qantas will be the company that wins some business from me as a result of this ad.

It’s ironic how advertising works, isn’t it?

Video 1: Coles Olympics TVC

Video 2: Angel Flight TVC

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