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Are your e-purchases secure? How to make your online shopping safer [INFOGRAPHIC]


While many of us enjoy the convenience that the internet has given to us, it also has become the ultimate place that where many of today’s crooked minds lurk these days. Cyber-crimes have become a common sight in the modern age that in fact, a report from Experian states that e-commerce fraud attacks on 2016 have surpassed 2015 totals.

Truth be told, the internet has made it more plausible for business owners to make transactions much faster and easier for their customers. However, many don’t know that online shopping platforms, when not used properly, can be as perilous as shopping offline.

Because everything already takes place over the Internet – from browsing product catalogs, comparing items, to completing the purchase, it is not hard for hackers to obtain valuable information about the users – allowing them to exploit the stolen information to access customer’s bank account or use their identity to make illegal purchases.

Fortunately, there are ways that can be easily implemented to protect yourself from identity and online theft. Check the infographic below from Sign Within to learn the various tips and tricks that you should follow in order to make your online shopping experience convenient and safe today.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping-01