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Does brokepacker.com deserve to be our website-of-the-week?


At our first Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out, last April in Sydney, I met a young entrepreneur (surprise, surprise) exuding boundless enthusiasm for his yet-to-be-launched venture, brokepacker.com.

His name is Kevin Lippy and his accommodation-brokering web-business for broke backpackers ‘went live’ last night.

While we all know about luxury travellers, Kevin’s target market sits somewhere at the other end of the spectrum (often in a smelly, beer-soaked pile). According to the young entrepreneur, backpackers are only interested in three things: “Beer, sex and cheap deals.”

And he should know. Last month, we quoted another of Kevin’s ‘off-the-cuff’ remarks as a Tequila Shot when he described his recent achievement moving into a youth hostel as a form of career advancement. (Of course, his goal was to gain a better understanding of his audience, right? ;-))

Last night, Kevin’s dreams came to fruition, when Brokepacker.com was officially launched.

Now, it’s not often that we identify such a nascent business as our website-of-the-week (with one infamous exception). And I’m not sure that Brokepacker.com deserves such an accolade (yet). However, I do know that you, my fellow Anthillians, will have an opinion.

To get you thinking, here’s a fun and low-budget video that Brokepacker released last week to start raising awareness and building momentum for its site, pre-launch. The video has already been published on Mumbrella‘s sister site, Thumbrella, and a number of blogs.

So, Anthillians. What do you think? How do you rate brokepacker.com? And, as always, play nice.

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