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Does anyone understand search optimisation for Bing?


This could perhaps be the shortest post I have ever published.

In fact, the headline says it all.

Over 30 percent (32.96%) of Anthill’s web traffic arrived from search engines over the past 30 days. (An awesome 29.99% comes from referring sites, thank you!)

Of this significant proportion of our web traffic, only 3.17 came from Bing. That’s about 1% of our total traffic. (Google acolytes can now cheer in unison.)

However, this outcome has me concerned.

If Bing is now the default search engine for Internet Explorer (IE) and if IE is the default browser for almost every new laptop or PC bought in Australia, how come such a tiny percentage of my traffic is coming from Microsoft’s ‘second coming’.

Should I be worried? If Bing is so good, why doesn’t Anthill appear when I specifically search for ‘Anthill Online‘?