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Do you have content you could monetise on the iPad?

Australia's next Super 'Hand' Model
Australia's next Super 'Hand' Model

Three days before Apple’s highly anticipated iPad became available in Australian stores, a good friend from commercialisation advisers Pyksis introduced me to the Founder and Editor or MacTalk, Australia’s leading online forum for all things Apple related.

The name of this digital media maven and Apple acolyte is Anthony Agius and his website MacTalk.com.au attracts approximately two million unique visitors per month, absolutely eclipsing the competition (including Australian Macworld).

Agius had an endearing story to tell, which involved him travelling to New York and adopting a series of fake identities to snap up 20 iPads on the weekend of their US launch, several months before the much coveted device became available to Australian early-adopters.

Together, we spent the afternoon discussing the new device and its possible commercial applications.

Below is a brief video of this beer and caffeine fuelled chat, filmed by the said friend from Pyksis using an iPhone. (The said friend’s name is Mark Gustowski, by the way, and he clearly has a very steady hand). The final clip needed to be edited slightly post interview, hence the awkwardly inserted close-ups of the iPad screen (added later).

During this discussion we barely scratched the surface. But the afternoon got me thinking.

I have already posed the question in a previous post, ‘Could small businesses become the next media barons?‘ A more timely question might be, ‘Does your business have knowledge that it could monetise on the iPad?’ Well, does it?

Anthony Agius – Monetising the iPad

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