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Do you have a big start-up idea that could change the world for the better? Tech23 2015 is looking for you


Applications are now open for Tech23 2015, an event that connects Australian start-ups with the connected people, clever ideas and capital they need to succeed.

In its seventh year running, Tech23 is a celebration of the home-grown talent that is transforming our world today – no idea is too BIG for Tech23!

Eligible young and innovative start-ups are encouraged to throw their hats in the ring and battle it out for the chance to collaborate with influential industry leaders and connect with the resources they need to reach new heights.

What will happen at Tech23 2015?

On Tuesday 17 November 2015 in Sydney, Tech23 will shine the spotlight on 23 companies who will present their ground-breaking ideas while tackling important issues such as sustainability, globalisation, and the ageing population.

Highlights of the one day event will be hearing from Industry leaders including Larry Marshall, CEO, CSIRO; Mary-Anne Williams, Founder & Director at The Magic Lab UTS; Dr. Michelle Deaker, Founder, Managing Director & CEO, OneVentures; David Spence, CEO, Vocus Communications and plenty more! Tech23 will also be spotlighting – AgWorld, Smart Sparrow, WindLabs, Audinate and other companies who are progressing well here and overseas.

Leading Australian universities will share their exciting and entrepreneurial developments on the Innovation Island. Australian National University, ATP Innovations, CSIRO, Curtin University, University of Melbourne, University of Technology, University of Wollongong, and the University of Sydney will be on Innovation Island.

Who are the people behind Tech23?

SlatteryIT is a small team headed up by Rachel Slattery that has been delivering seamless events for the IT & ICT industries for more than a decade.

“We are extremely proud to be the creator behind some of the strongest event brands in the space including the Agile Australia annual conference and Tech23,” Rachel told Anthill.

“We also publish Slattery’s Watch, a weekly enewsletter of bite-sized technology and innovation stories and AgileTODAY magazine.

“We are passionate about the intersection of innovation, technology and business.”

What is the inspiration behind Tech23?

Rachel says that back in 2009 she decided to stop her whining (alongside the rest of the industry) about the current “review” of everything to do with commercialisation by the then new federal government (which meant everything was put on hold) and the dread of the impending GFC and celebrate what was happening!

Tech23 2015 has been a collaborating force between leading R&D organisations, enterprises and start-ups who are all dedicated to building Australia’s innovation capability for seven years now.

What has Tech23 achieved over the 7 years?

Tech23 has been a launching pad for many of Australia’s most successful startups, including social recommendation site Posse, whose founder Rebekah Campbell connected with her company’s first angel investor and chairperson at Tech23.

Tech23 2012 participant Dr Dror Ben Naim, founder of online learning tool Smart Sparrow, emphasises the significance of the exposure his company gained by participating in Tech23.

“Tech23 really helped with media, social proof and credibility,” says Naim, who has since signed deals with international learning provider Jones & Bartlett, and Central Queensland University. “Tech23 really helps put the Australian start-up scene on the map.”

Tech23 prides itself on being a factor in the success of other alumni such as AgWorld, BuildingIQ, BigTinCan, WeareHunted, Effective Measure, IPScape, Scanalyse, Kaggle, GoCatch and many more exciting Australian companies that have showcased there.

As an ideal forum to forge connections that count, Tech23 2015 will bring together 400 tech enthusiasts on every level of the innovation ecosystem.

“With this year’s focus on R&D/industry collaboration, Tech23 will continue to do what it does best – opening doors for the best Aussie innovation on offer!” Rachel said.

Check out some photos from a previous edition of Tech23

Tech23 (2)Tech23 innovation IslandTech23-2015-Collage-Mike-Cannon-BrookesTech23-2015-Collage-Daniel-Petre