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Do we really need a new phone? Isn’t there a smarter way? [VIDEO]


Apple has announced its shiny new iPhone 5S. It comes in gold. I’m not so sure about that but other than that, yes, I want one.

But why? Is the fingerprint recognition really enough to warrant getting rid of my barely a year old iPhone 5?

And what happens to my old phone? Tech junk is a growing concern on this planet. Basically, our technology is not designed to last. Sad, but true.

Phonebloks may just be the answer. The idea is to create smart phone that has interchangeable parts. So, you can upgrade your camera, your memory, your storage – whatever it is that you need as an individual. A broken screen would be easily replaced, not requiring a whole new device .

And, the idea goes further than that. The concept is that the phone will be able to take parts from multiple suppliers.

It’s gathered the support its creator wanted to generate on Thunderclap. The idea set out to get endorsed by 500 people. That was reached very quickly so, the bar was raised to reach 10,000 people. That too has been reached and surpassed. In fact, the idea has a reach of 5 million on social media, with a month to go of the campaign.

But, will it fly? Isn’t this a bit altruistic in its intent? Yes, I know Apple won’t play this game. But, will others? Will rival manufacturers really band together to support such a great idea for both customers and a planet drowning in tech junk?

Time will tell.