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Dedication, inspiration and a lot of LEGO bricks [VIDEO]


We all love LEGO. I mean, what’s not to like. (Except stepping on bricks in bare feet. I don’t like that!)

With more than 100,000 LEGO bricks, Mehdi Ghiassi re-created The Creation Of Adam by Michelangelo.

In the credits for the video, Ghiassi his friend Patrick with helping him physically and mentally through his project.

It’s a great reminder that everyone with a vision needs a support network. Whether it’s one person or many, everyone building a business needs people to help them, physically and mentally.

Perhaps a LEGO gift is in order for those that are supporting you? (Yes, Anthill counts. We never say not to LEGO!)

100,000 LEGO®-BRICKS: The Creation of Adam (Making-of)


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