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I decided to leave: An animation about leaving your job to do something better [VIDEO]


I remember the exact moment I decided to leave my corporate career.

I was at my desk, about a month after returning from parental leave. I had, at first, been concerned about returning to work after six months.

“What if I had forgotten everything?”
“What if everything had changed?”
“Did I still have anything to contribute?”

These were the types of thoughts swirling through my head on my first day back. After 20 minutes, I realised that nothing had changed in those six months I was away. Not one single thing. Except me. I had changed.

I found myself working a 10 hour day, topped and tailed with a daily commute of more than an hour each way. I had a seven month old baby, a mortgage and a pretty darn fine career trajectory.

But the only question that kept coming to my mind was: “What on earth am I doing?”

I read an article about Cameron Reilly leaving his job at Microsoft. He had a good career, a mortgage and kids but one thing made him leap to start his Podcast network. And, in the end, it was the same thing that made me leap too.

What made me take the leap was answering yet another question.

“If not now, when?”

This is an animation by Dan Britt about a man who decides to leave his job because he knows he can do something different, be more than who he is at his job.

It’s for anyone who has made that leap from job to starting their own businesses and it’s for those thinking about doing that right now.

And, in all honesty, my journey felt as surreal as this video.

I decided to leave by Dan Britt


I DECIDED TO LEAVE from Dan Britt on Vimeo.