Dance pony, dance! A dancing shetland pony uses the number one rule...

Dance pony, dance! A dancing shetland pony uses the number one rule of viral videos [VIDEO]


It seems not a week goes by without another video becoming a viral sensation.

This week it’s a shetland pony dancing to the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Everywhere’. In less than a week it’s coming up to two million views on YouTube.

It helps that the shetland pony in question has a mane that would give Stevie Nicks’ hair a run for it’s money. And boy, does that pony know how to do ‘the flick’ with its mane.

What’s the number one rule of viral videos that U.K. telecommunications company 3 followed with this video?

Beyond it just being fun, well executed and slightly wacky, the ad was made ease to copy.

There is now a mixer version to help fans create their own version of the dancing pony.

If you want to know more about the secrets of creating an amazing viral video, check out the Anthill exclusive interview with the creators of Dumb Ways to Die.

3 – The pony

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