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Friday, September 30, 2016

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Tech & Innovation
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A former Ironman triathlete, amateur astronomer, budding pilot and ex-NRL player are among the founders of seven start-ups accepted into the River City Labs Accelerator Program, powered by Telstra’s muru-D.

Are you about to launch a start-up? If so, what intellectual property (IP) do you have and how is it protected? Whilst this probably isn’t the most exciting topic of conversation when starting a new business venture, it's essential to consider as these will be among the first questions investors will ask of you.

The wide area network (WAN) that companies have today is likely be the last they ever use. The race to move applications and services to the cloud, and the availability of high performance broadband, are fuelling the greatest networking revolution in a generation.

It was on one of these trips that I really fell in love with not only the sharing economy itself, but also the seismic shift in consumer behaviour that was emerging in this area globally. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Echofied empowers consumers and enables them to access hundreds of independent professionals across home loans, finance, real estate, superannuation, insurance, legal, accounting and business at their own convenience, no matter what the time without giving away any personal information.

During a launch event and demo in the streets of Pittsburgh, Signe Brewster was accompanied by 2 Uber Engineers in a high-level demo of their autonomous Ford vehicle. She even got to take a ride behind the wheel back to the Advanced Technologies Center.

At age 12, most kids are playing computer games and transitioning into high school, but this wasn’t the case for Mel Myers. At the ripe age of 12, he became Australia’s youngest university student and then went on to become Director of successful Australian start-up,

The Startup Catalyst program has already taken two groups of 20 youths to Silicon Valley in 2014 and 2015, and recently conducted a mission to London and Berlin in June 2016.

RiverPitch ESIC will be held on 12 October, 2016 and has been specifically designed for early stage investors and start-ups looking to benefit from the government’s 20 per cent tax offset for investing in innovative companies. This measure came into effect on 1 July, 2016.

Fingerprint for Success uses evidence-based analysis from 15-years of research benchmarking the attitudes and motivations that correlate with venture success, providing invaluable insight for aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs building their business, co-founders and angel investors, VCs, accelerators and incubators.

Car sales people are consistently ranked lowest on the list of trusted professions and Paul and Michael knew they could make a positive change in the industry.

This year we’ve seen the rise of video content and consumption and it is showing no signs of declining with one Facebook executive going as far as to predict that the platform could be ‘all video’ within five years.

An increasing number of security companies tend to abandon the ancient walkie-talkie communication solutions, replacing them with more modern communications solutions, based on digital models such as the push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular phones

A feasibility study for ProjectR has begun, which will include developing designs for the state-of-the-art complex, and has been funded by some Wellington-based IT and technology businesses, who are collaborating on the project.

Here is Don Tapscott, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

“From my experience, tech start-ups tend to forget about the importance of selling and marketing and focus too much on the product. It is vital to have key members of your team who are tech-savvy people but without team members who understand sales and marketing, traction and business success may become difficult to achieve," explains Steve.

In a sense it is an accounts and property management for home-owner's to handle the entire guest experience all guest inquiries, cleaning, property management.

kin2kin is a kind of private and live family album. Photos are organised by who is in the photo, not who sent them. Simply loving a photo, or making a comment, lets the person in the photo know you are thinking about them and lets you start a conversation directly with that person.

Cancer treatment is about to be revolutionised on a global scale by five Sydney doctors who hope to make the lives of those living with cancer a little easier via a personalised smartphone app, known as CancerAid.

Instead of ordering off your local restaurants, the new online marketplace is the first in Australia to connect you with super talented locals in your community who love to cook, bake and create at home, so you don’t have to. Meals can be simply picked up or delivered straight to your door - and reviewed.




A study by smartphone maker, OPPO has found that a quarter of Aussie professionals are regularly communicating using Emojis in the workplace, and it’s having a positive impact on their relationships.