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Friday, May 27, 2016

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Tech & Innovation
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Taxi booking app ingogo has announced a bold Australian first: it’s doing away with traditional metered fares and introducing fixed fare bookings

MoneyMe CEO Clayton Howes argues that a lot of Australia’s money has been tied up in home ownership instead of being available to back ideas and innovation

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis MP, recently opened the new Melbourne HQ of digital marketing companies WME and Appscore

1 in 5 Australian businesses have no digital transformation strategy but they think they actually do, according to the IDC-Canon Transformation Study 2016

Free airport parking is now a reality with Australia's premier car sharing service Carhood started by childhood friends Steve Johnson and Christian Schaefer

Australian fintech Waddle has a first-of-its-kind invoice financing product offers businesses a revolving line of credit based on their unpaid Xero invoices

Silicon Valley startup, Tilt, has launched in Australia following mass success in the US, Canada, UK and France following huge uptake among millennials

Let’s not assume that innovation is limited to tech, says David Brooke, Managing Director of Social Traders, as he makes the argument for social enterprise

Australian start-up Popupshopup provides the perfect solution for activating vacant retail and commercial space for entrepreneurs and global companies

Having acquired almost 70 per cent of the commercial real estate market since launching two years ago, iCommercial is set to make waves on a global scale

We are no longer fighting lone-wolf hackers, instead an aggregate of organised attackers. Carbon Black's Kane Lightowler says it's time to go threat hunting

The Bank of QueenslandBOQ recently partnered with Brisbane's premier tech start-up hub River City Labs to host the inaugural BOQ Hackathon 2016 on June 10-1

Blockchain entrepreneur and Digital X founder Zhenya Tsvetnenko and international fintech investor Neal Cross invested $500,000 seed funding in Future Penny

Back in 2003 Emily McWaters decided at the age of 20 to drop out of law school and start an online gifting service with her 10,000 worth of life savings

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology is the latest stage in a steady evolution that continues to make business communications easier

In this excerpt from Unwritten author Jack Delosa uses the example of Richard Branson to show how great entrepreneurs deal with crisis, fear and doubt

IT and consulting giant Infosys recently launched its knowledge-based artificial intelligence platform Mana, designed to drive automation and innovation

MediaScope's Denise Shrivell is it’s time for Australian marketing, advertising and media to talk about the NBN roll-out strategy and understand its impact

South Australian start-up Vinnovate, the makers of a revolutionary new wine bottle cap, was recognised as the best start-up ideas in the industry

While custom apps were once only in reach of big enterprises and professionals, new platforms are making it easier for anyone to create custom apps




1. Why Cold Calling? 2. Five Steps To a Hallelujah! 3. What Do You Have to Offer? 4. Generating Leads. 5. Your Personal Attitude. 6. Lead Acquisition Tools. 7. Online...


Recorded guerrilla-style in the basement of York Butter Factory, the linked video course is a rollicking, authoritative lesson (with some colourful language, mind you) from someone who has been through it all. In this Cheat Sheet, we cover three hot tips from the lesson, with a focus on helping business owners grow and increase profitability: Why entrepreneurs need to think about “the end," why cash flow is king – no matter what you’ve heard, and why you need to have a vision for success.


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