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Content is still the king: here’s how to write a small business content marketing...

So, if you want to create effective and powerful marketing strategies, developing a content plan is an absolute must. It is especially true for small businesses striving to overcome impressive competition on the market.

10 great tips on how you can build loyalty with your customers by writing...

The good thing about writing emails directly to customers is that it allows you to have total control over what content you wish to share. It is then easy for you to personalize and customize them.

These 7 social media trends will take over 2018. Is your business ready for...

Social media has changed the way people communicate with friends, the way we brand ourselves both professionally and personally, and the way consumers interact with businesses and service providers.

5 ways how you can deliver amazing customer service through social media channels

Now more than ever your customers expect to be able to interact with you on social media like they do in person. So much so that it has become another channel for customer service.

Here are six great tips on how to build and grow your business brand...

Today, Kulani Kinis is still a bootstrapped business, but we’re on track to hit $1.5 to 2 million in annual revenue by June 2018. Our constantly growing list of customers include ASOS, Forever 21, and ModCloth, just to name a few.

This is why influencer marketing is booming, and why it’s here to stay for...

While the core principles of influencer marketing are not new concepts to the advertising world, influencer marketing still holds distinct competitive advantages for those who enter the market early.

What every marketer should know about managing customer communication channels

On the surface, messaging is simple. Yet when it comes to messaging customers, many businesses struggle to get it right.

Here are six tips on how to stand out from the crowd and quickly...

In such a competitive industry you must be able to quickly increase sales and stand out from the crowd by embracing opportunities that exist in your business.

Why you should drop everything now and start personalising your company’s brand

At this point, you might be thinking: okay, but that’s Apple you’re talking about. My company is nowhere as big – and i don’t have the budget to be doing all these expensive branding activities.

Are you a business leader? Here are 5 tips on how to manage social...

Despite the growing use of social media in our day-to-day life as a source for news and updates, many leaders have been slow on implementing social media in their personal and professional life. However, there are a number of issues leaders may encounter when joining

The secret to bullseye online marketing: how to find out who will be your...

Having a broad target market might be appealing. It means lots of people are potential customers, right? But trying to be everything to everyone means you dilute your message. To get to the real gold, you need to go granular.

Did you know that your customers have a digital body language? Here’s how to...

You're probably wondering, is this even a thing?! Digital body language? Yep, it absolutely is! Your every move online contributes to your digital body...

Here are 5 key insights on mobile devices that every business needs to understand

Creating a mobile experience for customers however isn’t just about making your website ‘mobile friendly’ or moving your bricks and mortar processes online. The result of this approach is often a short-sighted mobile site

Is the customer still always right? What you need to know about customer retention

It’s the phrase that is ingrained in us from as early as when we get our first job; the customer is always right. Still to this day, that phrase remains a rule of thumb for many companies.

Here’s why you need an SEO plan for your website project (and how to...

For most small business owners SEO is an afterthought when it comes to building a website. But this is a huge mistake and leads to problems down the track. Ultimately, making the project much more expensive than it needs to be.

Are you fishing in the right ponds? Is your business on the right digital...

If you’re thinking, ‘Well I’ve got a Facebook page for my business!’ you’re on the right track, but there are so many other channels you can integrate that go mostly unnoticed in the realm of digital marketing.

These 4 hacks won’t save your startup – heck, they’ll leave it worse than...

The term “hack” is probably the most abused term in the startup ecosystem and that is no small feat, by any standard. Everything constitutes a hack and everything can be hacked.

Developing a great social media strategy: what, when, where and how should you post

The greatest hurdle in building a tribe of loyal and engaged followers is to identify your audience and get to know them as intimately as possible; you should be publishing the type of content that your specific audience is actively seeking and habitually consuming.

This online review platform is here to help small businesses compete with big brands

A study shows 92% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses, but only around 5% of businesses have customer reviews on their own websites.

How you can use mobile apps to boost your business’ customer retention and loyalty

Any business can find their customers flaunting mobile devices and engaging with multitude of apps. But, a recent study data published by Localytics revealed that only 20% of the apps are retained after 90 days of download