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Legal: Getting strategic with your intellectual assets

Intellectual asset management (IAM) is the catch cry of 21st century innovators. Innovation is no longer reactive to market forces; it is a proactive...

Legal: Spam – not in a can

The Spam Act became law on 12 December 2003 with a proviso that its penalty provisions would come into effect 120 days later -...

Exporting IP… trader beware

The US-Australia Free Trade agreement has got everyone talking. Like it or loathe it, smart companies are reading the fine print. They are doing...

Putting the IP in your IPO

In the rollercoaster ride of potentially lucrative, but often disappointing, technology IPOs and private equity investments, a well-managed intellectual property portfolio could be your...

Legal: Flipping up

Business people love to use jargon, but what exactly does it mean to do a "flip-up"? Not to be confused with "two-up", our national...

Legal: Structure for success

So the blood, sweat and tears of the last five years has finally paid off and you have developed the next big thing. You...