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“Specialization is for insects”: The must-have talents of a multifaceted startup founder [INFOGRAPHIC]

Scott Handsaker makes the case for the versatile entrepreneur who exhibits traits that are by turns unorthodox, reckless and practical: "Hire A players, Replace B players"; "Tell an investor they have lost all their money"; "Act alone; Fail gallantly". How many of these do you find yourself capable of doing?

Applications are now open for the 2012 30under30 awards!

30under30 is an Anthill initiative that was launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. The program provides...

How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in your...

On 13 JUne 2012, Anthill Magazine's James Tuckerman recorded the following webinar. The topic: How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in your underpants [One Hour]

Anthill's SMART 100: Readers' Choice Revealed (2012)

They embody the passions of earnest inventors and the dreams of budding business builders. They are the products of industries both old and...

[WEBINAR] How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in...

James Tuckerman is a self-confessed "lazy business owner". He's a passionate seeker of "cheats" -- shortcuts to help him get more done in less time. In this webinar, he will reveal how he automates lead generation and the tools he uses to attract business... in his underpants... while he sleeps.

How to turn your knowledge into products [RECORDING]

On 23 May 2012, Anthill Magazine's James Tuckerman recorded the following webinar with Daniel Priestley, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and the creator of the...

Would you like to interview one of these amazing people for Anthill?

Ian Charles Stewart (Co-founder of WiReD Magazine), Warren Coleman (Co-writer and Co-director of Happy Feet), Michael Naimark (Founding Member of the Atari Research Lab, the Apple Multimedia Lab and Lucasfilm Interactive), Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo (Recognised by Globe Asia as one of the 99 Most Powerful Women in Jakarta), Gerry Gouy (Senior Director, Global Business Development, MTV Networks International), Corvida Raven (One of Time Magazine’s 25 Facebook Profiles You Should Subscribe to Right Now)...

WEBINAR: How to turn your knowledge into products… and build a global empire in...

This webinar is all about how to unlock your valuable industry knowledge and turn it into a product. It's about how to increase the value of your business and take control of its future.

Want more “yes” for your business?

Talk to NAB today. We’re committed to turning no into yes, ideas into action, and talk into solutions. Plus we lend more to Australian...

Busting the top 5 myths & misconceptions of VoIP telephony

With NBN on the horizon, there has been an increase in businesses looking to take the ‘virtual leap’ towards high-quality, feature-rich IP voice solutions, commonly called VoIP (Voice over IP) or hosted/virtual PBX. There are other options to the traditional landline for business telephony.

WEBINAR: Want to be an A-grade presenter? Do it in your underpants. (How to...

What's the first rule of professional speaking? Don't do it in your underpants -- unless you are Superman, in which case undies-on-the-outside is probably to be expected. However, that doesn't mean that you can't learn the skills to become a confident, professional and outrageously awesome public speaker... sans dacks. That's right. We're bringing back Anthill's UndieEmpire Webinar series.

Are you haemorraging customers and don’t even know it?

Are customers important to your business? Of course! Do you collect and keep customer information? Maybe? Then you are probably losing customers and don't even know...

Facebook Interactive Minds Presentation

Please find the presentation from the Interactive Minds seminar, hosted on Wednesday 4 April, below. Simply click the forward arrow to walk yourself through...

How every smart businesses can get free traffic from Google

Many businesses are finding new customers by advertising on Google. However, what you may not realise is that only a small group of people actually click on these paid ads.

How to locate the best keywords, just for you

It’s one of the first questions that people ask when setting up an account with AdWords, one of the world’s most popular SEM tools. What keywords are most appropriate for my business? While there are a number of online tools available, sometimes the best place to start is by using good ol’ common sense. In this second installment, we reveal five tips for selecting your keywords.

Want to become an outsourcing extremist? Learn how to replace yourself using geo-arbitrage.

With the economy in its current state and the US dollar near parity, geo-arbitrage opportunities abound. Combine that with the power of cloud based technologies and tools, like DropBox, ScreenSteps, Dictamous and Screenflow, and it has suddenly become far easier than any time in history to employ and manage skilled staff and freelancers from all corners of the globe.

Outsourcing, offshoring and crowdsourcing

During this one-hour webinar, outsourcing extremist and author Pete Williams shares the tips, tools and strategies that have helped him build million-dollar e-commerce sites,...

Need startup office space? Share the Anthill digs!

Anthill has recently uprooted and moved into bigger digs. We have office space available at dirt-cheap rates for small business owners and startups. It's a serviced office arrangement with edge. It's an incubator without the need to give up equity. It's a new home, on highly flexible terms to launch and grow your new venture.

Leadership Lessons from the War on Terror: Boardroom or battlefield, the fundamentals don’t change....

Whatever your politics on the war in Afghanistan, there is no question that Retired US General Stanley McChrystal was, and remains, a very successful leader. He reveals, in this TED talk, uncommon insight into the realities of modern leadership. Boardroom or battlefield, some things remain the same regardless of the setting.

Want to turn your secret skills into a brand?

Do you want to turn your existing skills, talents and experience into a profitable business? This event will show you how. You will learn...