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Australia’s most ‘remarkable’ companies go wild at the 7th annual Cool Company Awards

The Coolest Company accolade was awarded to app developer Budge for creating a way to make gaming meaningful. “When is losing fun? When charities win,” said Tuckerman.

Content Marketing with Grant Arnott [5 Part eSeries]

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[WEBINAR] How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in...

James Tuckerman is a self-confessed "lazy business owner". He's a passionate seeker of "cheats" -- shortcuts to help him get more done in less time. In this webinar, he will reveal how he automates lead generation and the tools he uses to attract business... in his underpants... while he sleeps.

Why introverts make great entrepreneurs [VIDEO]

Well, why wouldn't they? There's nothing wrong with being an introvert. There has been recent research about mavericks, or extroverts, being more likely to be entrepreneurs. Yet, the introverted entrepreneur is not as rare as you might think.

How every smart businesses can get free traffic from Google

Many businesses are finding new customers by advertising on Google. However, what you may not realise is that only a small group of people actually click on these paid ads.

Australia’s ‘coolest’ companies celebrate a remarkable year at 6th Annual Cool Company Awards

This year's overall Cool Company winner, iiNet, was recognised for its use of innovative technologies, clever marketing and for challenging some of Australia's biggest brands. "This company sells itself as solid like a big telco but has managed to sustain the spunky attitude of a startup," said Anthill founder James Tuckerman, at the Sixth Annual Cool Company Award in Melbourne on Thursday.

If you’re not a cloud business, you’re doomed.

Zach Nelson is CEO of NetSuite. He was named one of the 10 Visionary CEOs of 2008 by, after guiding the company through its 2007 IPO. He helmed it from startup to one of the world's leading cloud computing companies. So, it's not surprisingly that he should hold this view. Yes, he is biased. But is he wrong?

Blogging for business (Darren Rowse Webinar)

Darren Rowse is a global professional blogging phenomenon. In 2002, he 'stumbled across a book on blogging. Within five years, his ProBlogger blog was listed as number two on Technorati's most favorited blogs list and number 40 on its most linked to list. His blogs generate around 85,000-100,000 page views... wait for it... a day!

AngelCube announces the companies chosen for their first startup accelerator program

Melbourne’s first startup accelerator AngelCube has just announced the names of the four companies that will take part in their inaugural program.,, and have been selected to receive $20,000 seed capital, marketing support, travel opportunities, office space and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs.

Help us choose the logo for Anthill’s Cool Company Awards

Last week, we asked our readers to help us re-design our slightly-outdated Cool Company Awards logo. Via this site, Twitter and Facebook, we asked you, dear Anthillians, to define what images you think epitomise the concept of cool. We've shortlisted the best. And the best of the worst. We're now seeking your input. Help us choose the logo for Anthill's Cool Company Awards.

2011 Anthill 30under30 winners revealed! (kinda)

It's often said that there has never been a better time to be a young entrepreneur in Australia. We have the economic stability, a soaring...

Does this make the ‘Cools’ the biggest award in business?

At this year's Cool Company Awards, category winners were presented with a trophy that could be described as Australia’s biggest award in business — a 1.2 metre, individually branded bean-bag. Produced by Ambient Lounge, a winner in Anthill's SMART 100 earlier this year, the nine bean-bags, each branded with the award's logo and the category winner's name and accolade, were described by Anthill Editor-In-Chief as "perfect for the office, reception, pool room... or boudoir."

An interview with app developer Jason Castan (aka one of the reasons your iPhone’s...

In this week’s Talking Business interview, Jason Castan talks about his company Never Can Tell, an app developer for Apple’s iOS platform used in the iPhone and iPad – and one of many companies named after snippets from Pulp Fiction.

Your chance to tell the NSW Government what you really think.

This question was presented with an offer to voice my views and suggestions at the next SBDC board meeting on Thursday 21 September. Now, as many Anthill readers probably know, I'm not based in NSW. So, I don't feel qualified to answer. But I do know that close to 40% of Anthill readers do live in NSW. As such, I'm turning the question to you. If you have a suggestion for the SBDC, this is your chance to tell the PTBs (powers-that-be) what you think.

Who is Sebastien International? (Other than some bloke with a comfy couch in Chatswood)

The motivation behind last month's 'casting-call' is now no longer quite so mysterious. It seems that Anthill blogger Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin has been chosen to take part in an online marketing campaign that will see him circuit the globe and follow his plans to create the world's smallest multi-national.

British born entrepreneurs wanted for TV series

It seems that Anthill has, somehow, gained a reputation as a fertile source of Australian entrepreneurs with TV appeal, much to our bemusement. You could say that we've unintentionally found ourselves with the role of Australia's casting couch for the entrepreneurial community (without the traditional perks).

Website? Yes! Traffic? Yes! Sales? Umm.

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WANTED: Entrepreneurs for Channel 9 game show

Channel nine contacted Anthill's Pitch Club partner in crime, Peter Christo, this week about a television program scheduled for November called The National IQ Test, hosted by Eddie McGuire. One of the teams will be 'entrepreneurs'. Want to hang with Eddie and give entrepreneurs a good name?

Cyber-security firm takes top honors at Telstra Business Awards

A vigilant cybersecurity consultant in Sydney, a self-made-man success story out of Darwin, and a tiny but persistent teacher-recruiting outfit in suburban Adelaide are among this year's winners of the Telstra Business Awards.

Does your online marketing suck?

Promotion: Does online marketing get you confused? Do you think you could do more for your business by getting your head around social media? Is your website not achieving all its supposed to? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you're not alone. That's why we created The Anthill Guide to Online Marketing for Small Business and Startups Email Education Series.




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...