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Ant Bytes — AA24

CREATIVE ESPRESSO By Stephen Sammartino Click image to enlarge. ************* ANT BYTES Facebook costing Australia $5b There was a time when, if someone was huddled over...

Tunnel Talk: Start the press!

While mainstream print media circulation figures decline, niche publications continue to sprout from nowhere like mushrooms in a sodden field. As long as there is an audience, publishers will keep churning out the content. We asked three independent publishing entrepreneurs how they seized their patch of turf.

Look who’s in the Smart 100

Of the 861 products nominated for our inaugural 'Smart 100' Index, some doozies are in our Top 100. While we can't announce the winners until 2 April 2009 (with the release of our Apr/May/Jun edition), we can bow to your prolific and very persuasive emails requesting a sneak peak at 'who has entered'.

10 steps to web start up (Start Up Blog)

A great post by regular Anthill contributor and founder Steve Sammartino over on his Start Up Blog. A list of the 10 things...

Every journey has a start

Today we launch a new blog. ‘The Entrepreneurial Truth’ is written by mag nation fopunder, Sahil Merchant. In this, his first post, Merchant admits that his new venture has yet to turn a cent of profit and offers his own brand of unspun entrepreneurial truth, direct for the coal-face.

Raising capital – Who gives a damn about the numbers?

People ask me quite regularly if I can look over their numbers prior to them talking to potential funders. I have generally been happy to do so, but the truth is that I will have no clue. Neither will the potential funders. And, most likely, neither will you. The thing about most new ventures is...well, they are new. So we put down our best guesses, present them as the gospel truth and everyone pretends they know more than everyone else. What a crock.

No more subscriptions

Earlier this week, I dispatched a letter to our subscribers explaining that we will no longer be offering Anthill Magazine as a subscription title.

Work ON and not IN your business… Thanks heaps for the advice.

I’ve heard it a hundred times. Entrepreneurs need to work on their business as opposed to in their business. However, getting stuck in the day-to-day happens to most of us, and the obvious question is ‘why?’ Especially when we know it is not in the best interests of our company. Are we just inherently forgetful, or is something else in play?

Ice stones cool your drink without watering it down

Ice stones are about the size as ice cubes, but they they cool your drink down without diluting it. Perfect for those with a taste for expensive single malt whiskey, or simply like their red cordial mixed just right.

Are all angel investors ruthless?

If you haven’t hit up your family, friends and fools to investment in your new venture, angel investors have every right to be sceptical. Sahil Merchant has a bunch of ruthless angles crowded on his shoulders, and he thinks it’s a damn fine thing.

Capital raising complexity and why I haven’t blogged

I’m in the middle of raising another round of capital and it occurs to me that one of the costs of professional investment, especially with VCs or Private Equity firms, is complexity. Not many people talk about this.

Under the microscope: Print Advertising vs Social Media Marketing

Which advertising medium – print or social media – provides more reach and more bang for your buck. It’s a complicated equation. Luke Faccini takes a peek under the hood.

Will entrepreneurial success turn your kids into wankers?

We all want the best for our families, and building successful companies is one of the best ways to provide for them. But while you're off establishing your empire, will your kids turn into spoilt ingrates?

Why Chief Coffee Drinker is my most important entrepreneurial role

An ex-colleague of mine, the least entrepreneurial person I have ever met, gave me the best piece of entrepreneurial advice I have ever received. She told me just as I was starting mag nation that my most important job would be having a coffee with five random people every week. I smiled politely and filed this one in the back pocket. She was right, though. When I have lived by this rule, my business has progressed. When I have ignored it, we have stagnated.

A social media dictionary for a new age

You’ve heard all the pros and cons for social networking. So, I’m not going there again. If you hate social media, run away. Now. However, for those of you who are hooked, there’s a whole new world of words and phrases that you need to be across. So, I felt it was time for a dictionary for our new, social media age.

Every entrepreneur should clean poo – literally – and create legend

A company’s culture is set early and by the founder. If you hook in from the get-go, the resulting stories can become the stuff of legend that sustains staff morale long into the future, says Sahil Merchant.

Carl Sagan lives… in a duet with Stephen Hawking?

This funny (and strangely catchy) mashup of television footage from Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's Universe series (with the aid of some masterfully applied Auto-Tune singing technology) was created as a musical tribute to honour the two great men of science. It also begs the question, 'Why can't science be cool?' (Or so uncool that it becomes cool... like Sagan's skivvy.)

The cheque is in the mail, I’ll respect you in the morning and your...

ROI is a bunch of numbers invented by the marketing guys and then given substance by creating a scenario to support the desired end result. Most of us know this as spin or, more bluntly, bullshit.

Why “Work smarter and not harder” is crap advice for entrepreneurs

When it comes to building a company from scratch, there’s no substitute for hard work, writes Sahil Merchant.

How to use human selfishness to fire up your marketing

Effective marketing design requires more than just technical knowledge and an eye for what is beautiful or attractive. How a design can effectively engage the mind and influence human behaviour is far more important than simple aesthetics.




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...