Tim Paris

Australian AI startup Dataro named in the top 10 fundraising tech ideas globally

Sydney-based AI startup Dataro has been selected as one of the top 10 fundraising innovations globally in a competitive open innovation challenge run by leading international charities.

From racing cars to road safety: This gaming founder is doing her ‘life work’...

Other than entertainment, Lisa Skaife believes the real purpose of motorsport is to research, test and develop products for mainstream use, and...
Aussie venture working to save the planet with quality eats launches crowdfunding

New Aussie venture working to save the planet with quality eats launches equity crowdfunding...

The focus of The Alt Saint’s Birchal campaign will be to expand Saint Frankie, a natural breakfast food company that produces quality, plant-based items, including muesli and granola, alternative milks and ready to drink (R2D) coffee, and help save critically endangered animals from extinction along the way.
The innovative technology prompts on-duty drivers to regularly take and upload a selfie to their Ola driver app in between rides.

Ola launches ‘Selfie Authentication’ technology to provide safer rides

Ola’s proprietary technology verifies a driver’s image in the selfie against the file photo the driver submitted during registration.
From India to Melbourne: the rise and rise of digital media tyro, Sagar Sethi - Xugar

From India to Melbourne: the rise and rise of the digital media tyro, Sagar...

So confident is Xugar in its ability to deliver the digital goods it created something during the COVID-19 crisis called the 'Trust Package' which guarantees results or the client won't be charged.
Digital Wine Ventures raises $6m to fund launch of a wine trade marketplace

Digital Wine Ventures raises $6m to fund launch of a wine trade marketplace

The volume of cases processed through the cloud-based platform over the last three months doubled as Australians took advantage of online ordering to purchase from their favourite wineries as an alternative to visiting retail outlets and shopping centres.
Why bad checkout experiences are hurting small business - Fast chief's insight

Why bad checkout experiences are hurting small business – Insight from a chief at...

If you want to sell something – anything – online, Fast makes it easy for you to do so.
Stone & Chalk acquires Ribit, digital matchmaker for students and businesses

Stone & Chalk acquires Ribit, digital matchmaker for students and businesses

We will continue to ensure that students from every institution around Australia can access the most rewarding jobs and career opportunities in the country and to ensure as much talent as possible is able to flow to the sectors with the highest growth potential.
Introducing PawsEco: The first ever virtual marketplace for Aussie pet store owners

Introducing PawsEco: The first ever virtual marketplace for Aussie pet store owners

PawsEco is both an online marketplace and a digital platform which provides pet stores with the vital business tools required for individual growth, all in one place, including 24/7 on-the-go access to cloud-based point of sale, CRM, reporting and community support online.

Why diversifying is important in investing

Diversification is like having your fingers in every pie. It is all about having an array of assets that react differently to the same economic event.
Realife Tech announces COVID-19 Fan Safety Hub to help the return of live events

Realife Tech announces new COVID-19 Fan Safety Hub to help the return of live...

Its Post-Covid Fan Safety Hub then uses this information to provide functionality to reduce queues at entry and exit, allow for contactless ordering and collection of food and beverage and merchandise items, and delivers targeted safety and crowd density messaging through the venue or team’s mobile app and website.
Nathalie Taquet, Founder and CEO of Bottli and eBottli

This new Australian technology is defending local wine exports against predicted $4.3 trillion global...

A new Australian-developed technology suite called eBottli has launched, with the potential to defend our wine export industry against the booming global trade in counterfeit wines.
Sprout Stack

Meet this Australian agtech startup that is growing food in shipping containers

An ambitious agtech startup based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Sprout Stack is where technology meets traditional agriculture.
ATP Science

Formulating success: How ATP Science turned itself into an international vitamin and sport supplement...

ATP Science, an industry leader in science-based health, sports and nutrition supplements, just secured a partnership with the world’s most visited fitness website,

From regional Australia to Goop: How two Aussie entrepreneurs took their product to the...

The PROPPR story, and resulting business partnership, started in 2018, through a random but perhaps divinely orchestrated conversation, about the beautiful looking toilet foot stool which helps replicate the proper ‘squat position’.
Founder of Eat Box Now, John Nguyen

Entrepreneur John Nguyen creates first of its kind at-home restaurant-ready meals amidst COVID-19 restrictions

With COVID-19 bringing with it a long list of new regulations and restrictions on our favourite restaurant dining experiences, entrepreneur John Nguyen has launched Eat Box Now, a new at-home dining service that delivers your beloved restaurant experience ready to cook, eat and drink straight to your door.
Mathspace Founder and CEO Mohamad Jebara

NAPLAN no more: Why coronavirus disruption is already having a positive impact on Australia’s...

The value and effectiveness of summative assessments like NAPLAN have long been debated by education experts in Australia. Now, the disruption caused by coronavirus is forcing a change in the way student learning and performance is measured.
Kyle Turner, Pearlii

DentalTech startup Pearlii launches to deliver free dental screening and education

Founded in Melbourne, Pearlii provides people with access to free, fast, and safe at home dental check-ups, no matter their income or personal situation.
George bancs, founder Talk 5

Sydney construction manager creates new platform to improve health & safety during COVID-19 period...

Today on World Health & Safety Day, Talk 5, the world’s first patent-pending voice-activated auditing tool, with inbuilt language translator, has been unveiled
Cenario co-founder, Vaibhav Namburi

Fintech startup Cenario is using AI to help Aussie businesses manage the financial impact...

Cenario co-founder, Vaibhav Namburi said that the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia’s economy had led to many business owners questioning how their businesses would survive through the different financial challenges to come.


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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...