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Friday, March 24, 2017



In business, we often call someone a “romantic” if we view them as utterly naïve or overly idealistic. We also use the term to dismiss all-too-optimistic outlooks or ideas that appear foolish. Sometimes, in meetings, we are told to “stop romanticizing.” So we do.

Furthermore, the fact that around one quarter of business owners don’t know where to start with their planning process is damning. A simple framework can be built around the basic premise of “Now, Where, How”

Very often, we hear large companies and industry leaders talking about their ‘need’ or ‘desire’ to disrupt. A buzzword gaining traction over the past two years leaders are panicking about the impact of disruption to their company

According to a report from Business Insider, the prevalence of the Internet of Things is set to explode within businesses by 2020, with $3 billion estimated to be spent between 2015 – 2020.

A MetLife study shows almost half of small business owners are exposing themselves, families and employees to the financial impact of illness, injury or even death through lack of insurance.

Digital advertising has outgrown traditional advertising especially concerning marketing and advertising strategies. However, this is especially the case in China where advertising on mobile platforms has become significantly successful.

Because a good trade mark can be what sets a business apart from its competition, making it easy for customers to find and remember.

In fact, Australia’s fintech space is booming. It has been predicted that our fintech sector will reach $4.2 billion by 2020 (up from just under $250 million in 2015).

Building a collaborative, productive workplace requires more EQ than IQ – and technical proficiency alone won't cut it. Sean Seamer, MediaCom CEO for Australia and New Zealand, shares his insights.

"James," he said. "There are only two ways to get rich quick." "The first option is to behave badly. Really badly. Be dishonest, tell only half truths, turn your back on consequences and maybe even break the law."

It doesn't matter if you're an established business that wants to achieve dramatic growth in the year ahead or a newbie startup that is seeking to understand how others have grown quickly on tiny budgets

When the roller coaster is heading down, self-doubt settles in. Too many business owners become reactive and lack the ability to respond with commercial acumen.

Making progress is all about taking risks and learning from these risks, whether they pay off or not. However, there are certain mistakes many business owners are still making unnecessarily, perhaps without even realising it.

We are living in a world where the most powerful people are not necessarily the smartest or the most experienced. Change is happening and it will not wait for you to get used to it.

Compliance training may not currently be the top priority on your HR to-do list, but it’s one of the most important things to account for in your business.

The market for cyber insurance is expected to reach US$7.5 billion in premiums by 2020, fuelled by demand from the finance industry, along with a forecast of new investments from the healthcare industry.

Australia has about 1.2 million SMEs that are employers. They represent 70 per cent of private-sector employment. There is plenty of demand for finance for SMEs.

Since the way we search & use the Web is rapidly changing, businesspeople working in the online realm will be facing some serious challenges throughout 2017

The idea of permanently leaving the big end of town to work for a startup came to me when I was in India.

There are three major trends in the business world which are driving demand for Virtual Chief Financial Officers (VCFOs). The rapidly growing number of start-ups...




Finding the time to tackle everything is one of the greatest challenges faced by business owners. To help time-starved business owners work smarter and not harder, we spoke with Helen Ebdon. The director of Affirming Business and Executive Coaching, she’s a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at age 25. She’s built and run direct marketing and communications businesses and she’s also the creator of the Take 15 Program for business effectiveness.


Liz Wald is Vice President of International for Indiegogo.com. She has been terrifically successful raising funds through the crowd model.  One of her successes...