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Here’s how to perfect the art of innovation, from getting an idea to pitching...

Guy continues to point out all the areas that you should pay particular attention to so that your startup can rise up and be counted among those that have truly made it. From picking a mantra, jumping the curve to perfecting your pitch, Guy lays it bare.

How Anthill turned a $900 blog into one of Australia's Top 50 Business &...

Like most would-be web-entrepreneurs, we discovered very early on that the 'Fields of Dreams' approach to web development is, unsurprisingly, flawed (i.e. 'if you build it, they will NOT come'). If building a profitable (or even sustainable) website were that easy, every web developer would be too busy swimming in their personal Jacuzzis of cash to apply their web-developing expertise to the many projects of small business owners and marketing professionals.

BBC reporter breaks ‘unbreakable’ new phone, embarrasses phone CEO

Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke was surely chuffed when the BBC's flagship technology programme Click asked him to discuss on camera his company's new phone, the Sonim XP1, which he was bullishly touting as "unbreakable". So Click reporter Dan Simmons put Plaschke's claim to the test.

The greatest TED Talk ever sold – a peek into the secrets of brand...

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock dives into the hidden but influential world of brand marketing on his quest to make a completely sponsored film about sponsorship.

Now that's some innovative thinking; a sunlight activated QR code to target midday shoppers

E-mart stores in Korea are what Walmart stores are in America. They are everywhere, wildly popular and sell lots of stuff. Yet, at lunchtime the stores were a ghost town. Few shoppers, few sales. Here's how E-mart used sunlight, QR Codes and good old-fashioned discounting to turn things around.

Old Spice guy makes a cameo in latest viral ad [VIDEO]

Whoever thought that a little bit of hand waving from a girl in tank top could cause so much havoc. Clocking more than 10 million views in the past three weeks, this ad for the Samsung Smart TV looks set to become one of the big viral ads for this year.

Microsoft's slippery viral video hit

The use of viral advertising in marketing campaigns is nothing new, however the power of this advertising vehicle appears to continue growing at a phenominal rate.

All three Wellington start-ups scooped big awards at this Australasian fintech showcase in Sydney...

Banqer, Eight Wire and Sharesight, the three Wellington start-ups at the recent Afiniation FinTech Showcase in Sydney all scooped big awards there

Aussie outfit Hello Fresco: ‘the only tees you’ll ever need’. Plus, 30% off for...

Way back in August ’11, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, we profiled Aussie tee company Hello Fresco. Hello Fresco founder Jono Chatterton launched the biz to "support me and my global wanderings.” In a similarly laissez faire approach, Chatterton reckons business plans are for losers. To celebrate the release of Hello Fresco's brand-spanking video, Chatterton's offering Anthillians a whopping 30% off your next purchase.

Don’t build houses when you can grow them… out of meat!

In this typically thought provoking TED talk, architect and ecologist Mitchell Joachim shares some of his recent experiments 'growing' houses out of trees and... meat! Imagine using animal fat for insulation and "sphincter muscles for doors and windows".

How to prepare an Information Memorandum when raising venture and angel capital [VIDEO SERIES]

In this short instructional video created by MBE Education and The Entourage, Jack Delosa shares an 11-part checklist for creating an Information Memorandum, one...

21st Century fashion predictions from the 1930s

Designer reality TV shows might be a hit in 2009, but sartorially creative visionaries had their own views on the kind of threads we'd be wearing in the year 2000. Still waiting on those glass wedding gowns, people...

The year in review, seen through Google’s unblinking eye

In what we assume is intended to become a tradition, Google has assembled its annual 'Zeitgeist' video, chronicling major global events, as seen through the eyes of Google (and YouTube). If you're able to keep your inner cynic contained, the clip is masterfully assembled, with a flair for the dramatic that would make even the most hardened movie-trailer editor shed a tear in his popcorn.

You are the master of your fate; what every entrepreneur can learn from the...

Guinness, yes that treacly rich beverage that is synonymous with Ireland has done something remarkable. With its new advertisement is has turned the world's attention...

Google’s Lars Rasmussen on the Google Maps story

It's a source of great satisfaction that one of Google's most beloved products, Google Maps, was developed right here in Australia (Sydney).

Southwest flies to a different beat

Frederick Herzberg introduced the business theory that workers are more productive and satisfied when they are not required to perform repetitive tasks. This flight attendant has worked out his own way to escape the drudgery of his working day and make Southwest Airlines' competitors look like boring old stiffs.

A rebrand that makes you wake up and smell the coffee, literally [VIDEO]

Nescafé is an iconic coffee brand. But recently, the company decided to refresh its image. We live in a coffee fuelled society and the...

A startup isn’t a business. It’s the means to find the right business model.

A typical successful entrepreneur is flexible, understands that a startup is not necessarily a business -- and computes with a Mac. That's the broad takeaway from an appearance on ABC's "Business Today" segment by Marcus Tarrant, managing director of MissionHQ, an online tool for developing business plans.

Gasp! A charity ad that might just actually work [VIDEO]

Have you ever felt so wrong about the world that you considered doing a Russell Dalrymple and throwing in your day job, and setting off on a quest to better the planet (or, impress a girl)? Well, there is another option.

I’ve been doing it wrong for so many years! You probably have been too...

What have I been doing wrong? Coiling cables. Last week, I was coiling up my laptop cable after a meeting and an engineering type grimaced...




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...