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The history of pretty much everything, one page at a time

Seventeen-year-old art student Jamie Bell created this stop-motion clip using biros, about 50 jotter books and 2100 pages. It took him three weeks, but it was worth it – he received full marks from his teacher. (And us.)

Ford's inflatable seatbelt innovation helps save lives

Ford is currently bringing to market an inflatable seatbelt design for rear-seat passengers. The concept incorporates the added safety of airbag technology to reduce head, neck and chest injuries caused by seatbelt restraint in a crash.

How to open a bar

As a former public relations consultant, Matt Mullins once made a living telling stories. Now, as a publican, his job is more about listening...

Three things to never say to an Australian venture capitalist

Not only does Adventure Capital's Stuart Richardson have a great hairdresser (we share the same barber) but he knows a thing or two about pitching for venture capital. This is because he lives at the receiving end of hundreds of pitches every week.

Every factory production line should be as musical as this at Christmas [VIDEO]

The Alphabet Photography company does two things really well. Firstly, it frames art that is made up of letters of the alphabet, hence the company name. Secondly, it comes up with brilliant Christmas videos as a part of its content marketing strategy. This year's effort is quite delightful.

What can marshmallows, dry spaghetti and one yard of string teach you about design?

The insights from Tom Wujec's design exercise are what makes this video worth watching. For instance: Kindergarten students are among the best builders, while recent graduates of business school are among the worst. Oh, and CEOs perform better if executive administrators are added to their team (somehow, that's not even remotely surprising).

Even the genius of San Francisco tech companies can’t solve the hipster problem [VIDEO]

Oh great. This is just what we need. San Fransisco is about to become even smarter. Some of the greatest tech companies, and the minds behind them, are joining forces to solve the problems of the city itself.

Where did Elon Musk get his greatest ideas about changing the future of humanity?...

His answer may not come as a big surprise - in the shower. There's something about being in the shower, being relaxed and surrounded by...

Skill level: awesome! How to become an expert [VIDEO]

You know I'm going to say that practice makes perfect, right? Well, it's true. If you want to become truly exceptional at something, be it playing...

Creating an ad like Apple will allow you to sell anything, even carrots [VIDEO]

This is an exceptional parody video of an Apple ad. It follows a distinct formula that anyone who has ever seen an Apple ad will...

One ad… one actor… one-shot sequence… six minutes… that's smooth!

This six minute commercial for scotch whiskey manufacturer Johnny Walker shares the entire history of the brand in one engaging monologue. It's hard not to watch and feel a warm and fuzzy feeling about the whiskey and its origins. (Or is that just Johnny Gold Label kicking in?)

Break the rules and win

In this video from the wonderful Academic Earth, Robert Sutton, author of "Weird Ideas that Work", argues that authority has its place, but most businesses succeed when creativity is allowed to flourish.

We cannot choose the cards we are dealt but, it’s how you play the...

Carnegie Mellon University used to run a lecture series called "The Last Lecture". The premise was that, if this was your last lecture before you...

A kinder, gentler Bill Gates dishes on taxes, charity and… Steve Jobs?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, long removed from his days as soulless overlord of the company that ruled our PCs, warms up for his appearance at the G-20 with this interview, in which he talks about taxing the rich, helping Third World nations and... Steve Jobs.

Stargate Studios exposes how TV shows are actually created now

This astonishing clip from Stargate Studios shows exactly how blockbusters films and prime-time television shows are now created -- rarely on location and without the inconvenience of extras ogling the stars. Next time you're watching the latest US drama (assuming that's your 'thang'), spare a thought for the poor actors (and their mountains of cash).

The Martin Jetpack: a personal rocket while you wait for those flying cars

They promised us flying cars, back in the day, and I don't know about you but mine hasn't been delivered yet. Never mind. For the time being I'll settle for one of these. The Martin Jetpack shows just how far jetpack technology has come since Rocketman ignited the imaginations of little (and big) boys with his demonstration at the '84 Olympics in Los Angeles.

How Anthill turned a $900 blog into one of Australia's Top 50 Business &...

Like most would-be web-entrepreneurs, we discovered very early on that the 'Fields of Dreams' approach to web development is, unsurprisingly, flawed (i.e. 'if you build it, they will NOT come'). If building a profitable (or even sustainable) website were that easy, every web developer would be too busy swimming in their personal Jacuzzis of cash to apply their web-developing expertise to the many projects of small business owners and marketing professionals.

Paragliding donkey the stupidest marketing stunt ever? We have six more.

Based on dim-memory, subjective reasoning and a (slightly self-conscious) desire to create a traffic accumulating list of massive link bait longevity (like this one), we've created what we've (rather ambitiously) called, "The seven stupidest marketing stunts of all time." (The stunts are presented in no particular order.)

There is something more scary than clowns [VIDEO]

In this creepy campaign to gather new Twitter followers, one giant yellow mushroom takes following to a whole new level. Usually, it's called stalking. But, in this case, it's marketing.

MINI Cooper’s mainstreet marketing campaign thinks INSIDE the box

The team behind this recent Mini Cooper campaign have taken outdoor advertising to a whole new level: They've taken it down a notch. In what could possibly be described as 3D, ground-level advertising (we're open to suggestions), Dutch agency Ubachswisbrun/JWT created this 'visual piece' to demonstrate the compact nature of the MINI. We're always impressed by memorable marketing.



Seven steps to crafting the perfect email, with James Tuckerman [FREE...

We are all bombarded by emails every day. We bombard others with emails. It’s a congested superhighway of e-promises, lead magnets and chit chat out there. So how on Earth are your emails going to stand out? James Tuckerman is a man who knows a thing or ten about online marketing. In this cheat sheet, he shares seven steps to achieve two very clear goals: Opens and click throughs.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...