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Bamboo Buddy's Pajama

Bamboo Buddy [SMART 100, 2017]

This SMART 100 profile and the information it contains is a duplication of content submitted by the applicant during the entry process. As a... [SMART 100, 2017] makes the mortgage application process much simpler and faster for consumers.

BenchOn [SMART 100, 2017]

BenchOn solves employee underutilisation. Underutilised staff are costing Australian companies $305bn/year and is a major lever in industry productivity and company profitability. Improved utilisation increases cash flow and empowers businesses to grow and create new full-time jobs in the economy.
Aamir Qutub

Enterprise Monkey [SMART 100, 2017]

This innovation aims to help businesses break free from outdated methodologies and embrace intelligent approaches for their business to progress ahead.
Cbus Employer Mobile App

Cbus Employer Mobile App [SMART 100, 2017]

Link Group’s Cbus app allows employers to manage super payments via their mobile, instead of paper-based alternatives. For Cbus employers, this is crucial as job sites are often remotely located and workers legally cannot access the site without up-to-date super.

CellAED [SMART 100, 2017]

CellAED is a mobile AED in a smart phone case, enabling everyone everywhere to save a life.

GetSwift [SMART 100, 2017]

Cloud Based Delivery Management SaaS enable any sized delivery business the ability to streamline their whole delivery operation by utilising powerful company technology, for only cents per transaction.
Cloud Ctrl

Cloud Ctrl [SMART 100, 2017]

Ultimately Cloud Ctrl was created to provide transparency and cost efficiency into the ever changing cloud world.

CloudTour [SMART 100, 2017]

CloudTour is an interactive an immersive online experience, letting users explore a stunning online environment from their computer, mobile or VR headset.
Jessica Ruhfus

Collabosaurus [SMART 100, 2017]

Collabosaurus enables brands of all sizes to expand, and have marketing impact with no budget. Not only do brand collaborations have a powerful, cross promotional impact, they have a domino effect that helps individuals grow a relevant network.

CrowdINK [SMART 100, 2017]

CrowdINK essentially connects consumers, community and brands in one marketplace.
Cupresso™ Social Cafe

Cupresso™ Social Cafe [SMART 100, 2017]

Cupresso™ is an eco-friendly, reusable insulated cup-meets-French press that produces hot, delicious barista-quality coffee or tea in seconds. “Instant” is no longer a bad word, when it comes to coffee.

CyclePort [SMART 100, 2017]

CyclePort provides ‘Bikes-as-a-service’ by creating a smart bike docking system.

Cyclops [SMART 100, 2017]

Cyclops automatically extracts the angle of a photo allows carsales to display car images in a consistent sequence to make visual comparison easier, inform sellers of missing angles, and be able to highlight (hot spot) unique features of their car.
D900 S Curve

D900 S Curve [SMART 100, 2017]

D900 S Curve bridges the gap between understated style and sustainability. The surface-mounted D900 S Curve offers the minimalist look of recessed alternatives without requiring any compromises in home thermal efficiency from cutouts and gaps in insulation.
Daily Orders Planning Board

Daily Orders Planning Board [SMART 100, 2017]

This SMART 100 profile and the information it contains is a duplication of content submitted by the applicant during the entry process. As a...

Data Creative Platform [SMART 100, 2017]

Data Creative can use data from any database, be it a CRM, real time website behaviour or public social media, it then uses this to personalise footage, animations, decision points within the video and audio to deliver cohesive and relevant videos via email, SMS, online or social-media.
Electrical Compliance App

Electrical Compliance [SMART 100, 2017]

Electrical Compliance provides 360 degree visibility to all entities, reduce public liability and exposure to the electricians/industry and provide real-time safety alerts to reduce personal injuries/death and financial industry loss.
Energy On Demand

Energy On Demand [SMART 100, 2017]

Energy On Demand helps entrepreneurs stay at the cutting edge by having a constant flow of personal energy, clarity, productivity, inner peace and creativity. Ultimately to replace a life of "surviving the never-ending to-do list" with a life they enjoy and love.

Epicon Integration Bus [SMART 100, 2017]

Epicon Integration Bus uses unique ‘function-based adaptors’, which eliminate the need for dedicated product connectors for integrating each IT system. Integration workflows are pre-packaged for common IT management scenarios so that users don’t have to create them from scratch, and workflow editing is 100% codeless for non-technical users. A single user interface provides complete visibility of all management functions.




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