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Online Project Management Portal (SMART 100)

Thirdi Property completed a small development in the regional centre of Orange in NSW. The development consisted of 12 townhouses and all were sold to investors not located in Orange (some lived on the other side of Australia). To help with the task of updating clients, Thirdi created an online project management area where clients could log in and get video updates, site images, invoices and documents. We now have 60+ properties on this platform.

DEMS (Digital, Ethical, Millennial, Sustainable) Leadership Model (SMART 100)

Tripping through Europe, I came across the growing economics of "collaborative consumption" and an article in Time magazine about returned US servicemen and women from Iraq and Afghanistan. At the time I was busy writing about video game mechanics and their application to leading Gen Y and Digital Natives. Suddenly I had three solid schools of thought that, when married together, formed a very relevant, practical and easy model for leading upcoming generations.

HealthKit (SMART 100)

We realised our Australian software for doctors and patients could easily be used by doctors and patients all over the world, and in the process help to solve the world’s biggest health problems! We know our software for patients helps the two-thirds of patients who need treatment but don’t receive it, and we know that doctors using our software could treat up to five more patients a day if they use the software. We wanted to take our service to the world, and do so for free.

Xamling (SMART 100)

Jordan and Alex Knight, brothers from Bendigo in regional Victoria, left their employed positions to work in their area of interest without creative limitations: developing applications on new and cutting-edge technologies. As solution architects, graphic and user-experience designers, developers and Microsoft MVPs, we identified that as a small-scale operation we could effectively produce exciting applications with exceptional hands-on customer service to deliver high-quality and rapid solutions.

Handmade Bride Magazine (SMART 100)

The purpose of this innovation is to publish a magazine rich in useful advice from real wedding vendors with real experience to help plan real weddings. It is also easily accessible as it's an e-mag and completely free for the reader. (SMART 100)

The group saw tremendous and untapped potential in enhancing the real estate search experience. With the sprouting growth of iPad users, the group embarked on developing an app that gives property buyers a new platform to search for properties with greater ease.

Victorious Scrubba Wash Bag cleans out the competition in 2012's SMART 100

This one is for the backpacker in all of us. That sun-kissed specimen who treads lightly on the surface of the globe, travelling with little luggage and luxury... albeit often at the expense of personal hygiene. Ashley Newland faced the usual dilemma before undertaking a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He came up with a solution that would allow for effective laundry washing while on the road. Behold the Scrubba Wash Bag -- an innovation whose design, efficiency and progressive vision have earned it this year's highest honour in the Anthill SMART 100.

Biotechnix Diesel System (SMART 100)

We were working with a new water-enhancing technology and discovered it also had an effect on the structure of other liquids. This research led to early trials on the effect of putting diesel fuel through the same enhancing process. The far-reaching implications of improving engine efficiency and reducing pollution from diesel fuel were game-changing and so Biotechnix Australia was formed in partnership with the technology inventors.




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