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WARDY IT Solutions Virtual DBA (SMART 100)

Despite the lack of data management, businesses have come to depend on data for core operations and the cost of this data not being accessible in a timely fashion can be staggering. Virtual DBA came to life to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability, performance and administration of an organisation's critical Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Barkles (SMART 100)

Diesel Laws noticed the YouTube community sharing opinions below videos that didn't necessarily relate to the video itself. This prompted research into whether or not the video itself was actually needed to encourage opinions. The problem however, was that there was no platform at the time for honest opinions and discussions to be accepted and encouraged. After a few variations of the Barkles platform, Diesel teamed up with Jay Whiting to build the "side-by-side debating service" that exists today.

Victorious Scrubba Wash Bag cleans out the competition in 2012's SMART 100

This one is for the backpacker in all of us. That sun-kissed specimen who treads lightly on the surface of the globe, travelling with little luggage and luxury... albeit often at the expense of personal hygiene. Ashley Newland faced the usual dilemma before undertaking a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He came up with a solution that would allow for effective laundry washing while on the road. Behold the Scrubba Wash Bag -- an innovation whose design, efficiency and progressive vision have earned it this year's highest honour in the Anthill SMART 100.

Location-aware app for property hunters claims second place in 2012's SMART 100 is an application developed by Melbourne native Shaun di Gregorio as an alternative to cumbersome classified searches that force one to narrow down listings by location. Instead, it builds around the concept of location itself. For that, the user-friendly, one-of-a-kind app has been granted the title to the runner-up spot in this year's SMART 100.

Intelligent energy optimiser for buildings takes control of third place in SMART 100

Proving that smart, solid ideas can more than hold their own against flashy ones, BuildingIQ takes home the third spot overall in the 2012 SMART 100 for an innovation with immense relevance: a management system for optimising energy consumption in commercial spaces. The BuildingIQ EMS, which grew into fruition through years of research at CSIRO, takes care of two important elements of energy management at once. First, it supplements the standard building management system by monitoring energy usage based on weather and room temperature. Second, it adjusts these settings as necessary to strike a balance between efficient consumption and human comfort.

Tracking biological cells with microcell arrays, fourth place in 2012 SMART 100

For researchers who are assessing new strategies to battle cancer, unlocking the power of stem cells or pioneering formulas for new drugs, it takes extreme patience to peer into a microscope every day and observe the smallest units of life that make up all of us. Even more demanding is working with a multitude of cells at once and, when testing their reactions to experiments, sorting out which is which. Microcell arrays provide a way for people in these professions to track cells over several days' time.

Rounding out the SMART 100 Top 5: a social media management tool for your...

We admit that some of our maven judges are known to use salty language the way Lady Gaga uses animal products in costumes, to which we can only add: try reviewing a hundred inventions in one week and see how well you behave under pressure. Other businesses may not be so forgiving of personnel indiscretions. Which is where Bleeply enters in. If you've ever tweeted something -- especially at work -- that you immediately came to regret, you'll appreciate what this fifth-place SMART 100 innovation brings to the table.

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The Smart 100 Shin-Dig gives you the opportunity to meet equally passionate and like-minded business builders. Plus, you can network with investors and other innovation industry influencers! Come along and ask burning questions, engage with with the panel and have your say.




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