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Biotechnix Diesel System (SMART 100)

We were working with a new water-enhancing technology and discovered it also had an effect on the structure of other liquids. This research led to early trials on the effect of putting diesel fuel through the same enhancing process. The far-reaching implications of improving engine efficiency and reducing pollution from diesel fuel were game-changing and so Biotechnix Australia was formed in partnership with the technology inventors.

Money Rules (SMART 100)

As an ex-financial planner, clients were constantly asking me for help with managing their everyday money, and nothing was available. Budgets failed to address the problems. The purpose of this innovation is to show people how to eliminate their debts in the fastest possible manner, saving wasted interest and valuable time.

Tibouchina Fantasy Flowers (SMART 100)

A dedicated plant breeder in Queensland joined forces with horticultural marketing company. Over 20 years in the making, Tibouchina Fantasy Flowers Collection represents true innovation in horticulture. An investment of passion, time and energy coupled with breakthrough pollination and propagation techniques have delivered one of most successful plant collections seen in modern times.

Small World Social Cloud-based Training Software (SMART 100)

We built a cloud-based online training platform to give the experience of being guided through social media platforms in real time. This was technically difficult, since we wanted users to experience the real technologies, not a video reproduction. After a lot of trial and error, we had it: an online training software with a video guide and an interactive window. We took it to clients, but they wanted the software, not the course.

Pepperstone Razor Forex Trading Account (SMART 100)

Pepperstone created an electronic network linking the trading floors of 22 banking institutions together. Previously linked by primitive systems or phone networks, we noticed a gap in the marketplace for fast and affordable electronic foreign exchange trading. Taking pride in passing all cost savings through to our clients we broke the industry mold and offered some of the lowest commission charges in the industry. (SMART 100)

I realised that the Internet held the key to solving the greatest daily challenge of the $7 trillion construction industry: getting paid. Whilst many licensed accounting and invoicing systems are available to the industry, none of these connect parties in a meaningful way. And although there are a growing number of online systems available to facilitate project collaboration, these focus on document control and file sharing rather than financial management.

Befree Bookkeeping & Accounting Service (SMART 100)

We got sick of having to charge our clients for fixing work that was already paid for and having to justify our fees to our clients for this work. The majority of bookkeepers weren't qualified and hence did not understand accounting and yet charged high rates based on experience. We realised we could offer the same services with better qualified staff at lower rates by moving accounting functions offshore.

Blurb Maker (SMART 100)

Over a period of some 10 years, I wrote sales copy for product vendors. I saw that most vendors require professional quality copy, but don't have the budget for it. Instead, they write it themselves or don't use copy at all. In late 2010, I came up with an idea for automating the creation of property descriptions for real estate agents and vehicle sales copy for car dealers.

Cubic Promote: Custom-made Promotional Products (SMART 100)

Clients were unable to select from a promotional flash drive product that best suited their particular needs. In our quest to provide clients with a product that meets their needs specifically, we expanded the capability of our team members to include custom tooling as well as design capabilities to create a flash drive that can be customised in shape.

Sterling and Hyde Custom (SMART 100)

Sterling and Hyde Custom is a new bespoke shopping experience where women can create their own dream leather handbag. A range of designs, leather types and colours enable millions of possibilities, ensuring that elusive perfect handbag becomes a reality. We use softest sheepskins, colourful suedes and hardy cow leathers to create a handbag which is not only functional but individually yours.

CLebLabs (SMART 100)

CLebLabs will run inside all JANSTONAPPS including the Vinciazee Mother and Baby release for the Vincigenius device. Apart from music and experimentation with sound, there are therapeutic uses in rehabilitation for those with brain damage or various brain disorders, as well as creating perfect relative pitch hearing in babies.

WeTeachMe (SMART 100)

Now a noted graduate of the Launch48 program, WeTeachMe is a solution to two real problems that exist today: (1) information overload and the inability to retain knowledge; and (2) the inability for people to profit from their passions. WeTeachMe democratises education by putting it in the hands of the masses. Anyone, anywhere at any age can learn anything they want. Anytime they want.

Naming Right Solutions (SMART 100)

We have watched the growing demand for "naming" services offered by crowdsourcing websites. These sites no doubt provide a wide choice of "creative" names at a low price and fast turnaround but are often based on sketchy briefs and shallow thinking. We believe a brand is the very foundation of a business so the name should be driven as much by the underlying strategy as it is by creative thinking. We saw a market opportunity for "strategic brand names".

Employee Attachment Inventory (SMART 100)

Anthony Sork, an employee engagement expert, detected a gaping hole in the market for a product that could help businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff turnover costs. Having spent a great deal of his career having conversations with HR/Recruiters/Hiring Managers, Anthony recognised that no one was paying any attention to the bonds new employees were forming with an organisation, and how this honeymoon period of three months would set the resting point for how much effort the employee was likely to put in after they passed probation.

Insect Lovers Edible Insect Pack (SMART 100)

I was looking for an unusual promotional item to sell at a pet and animal expo. While watching Man vs. Wild I suddenly had some inspiration: what if I could make eating bugs not as gross! So I took something really unfamiliar (the bugs) and put them in products that people love to eat. The products were so popular we decided to make them part of our regular range.

BuyReply (SMART 100)

Brad realised there was no way to buy anything directly off of TV without requiring an app download or anything similar, so he set out to create BuyReply which would enable merchants to sell products across any broadcast medium without needing an app. Five months later, our team is four weeks away from launching a world-first, patent-pending platform that enables this.

PaperAct Electronic Filing Cabinet (SMART 100)

Document filing practices (physical and electronic) don’t take into account the current need of consolidating all your online and offline filing systems. Businesses are “forced” to use and maintain separate filing systems while spending wasted hours in searching for files and documents. PaperAct incorporates your paper documents, important e-mails, attachments and faxes, securely filing all your documents so you never have to waste time or money searching through filing cabinets again.

RecruitLoop Online Recruitment Marketplace (SMART 100)

Our co-founder swore off using expensive recruitment agencies in his (50-person) business forever. He began a mission to slash the cost and time it took him to recruit new employees. He initially found a contract recruiter who would charge him an hourly rate. He could outsource the process, but save 90% compared to an agency. Then his friends started asking for her details. There was demand for this model!

Victorious Scrubba Wash Bag cleans out the competition in 2012's SMART 100

This one is for the backpacker in all of us. That sun-kissed specimen who treads lightly on the surface of the globe, travelling with little luggage and luxury... albeit often at the expense of personal hygiene. Ashley Newland faced the usual dilemma before undertaking a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He came up with a solution that would allow for effective laundry washing while on the road. Behold the Scrubba Wash Bag -- an innovation whose design, efficiency and progressive vision have earned it this year's highest honour in the Anthill SMART 100.

Yellowfin for the iPhone and iPad (SMART 100)

Yellowfin’s new application aims to differentiate the company from the dryness and complexity of other BI vendors by delivering a consumer-oriented mobile application for business analytics. Why? Because analyst firm Gartner states that ease-of-use is now the most important factor in any BI solution, but TDWI research shows that user adoption rates – the number of people within an organisation who actually use BI software on a regular basis to help make business decisions – are low.


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