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Baby Ink (SMART 100)

The founder of Baby Ink, Melinda Weaver, had children and noticed an opportunity in the market for a keepsake product that is easily accessible, easy to use and affordable. Not wanting to use ink or an unsafe product for a baby, the need for a baby-safe, non-toxic keepsake product was evident. Melinda also wanted to celebrate the sex of her baby by using a blue-colour inkless product for her baby boy. Seeing huge potential in the market Baby Ink was born!

iRekon Data Reconciliation (SMART 100)

Innogence was repeatedly asked to develop solutions for customers that ensured the data on which they were reporting was accurate and up to date. With the explosion of data volumes and the speed increases in which data can now be accessed it was increasingly critical that the data was accurate. Upon developing a solution that appeared to have a significant need by organisations, Innogence developed the solution into a product that can be rapidly implemented to meet organisations' needs.

StyleRocks Online Jewellery Designer (SMART 100)

I was frustrated by not being able to create jewellery exactly as I wanted it. I went online and couldn't find anything to buy -- I found myself wanting to customise the jewellery I saw to make it right for me. I didn't have the energy -- or money -- to have something made at a jewellers. We left it...until I saw the Shoes of Prey website and thought, "This is what I need -- but for jewellery!"

DiscountOn Patented Coupon System (SMART 100)

We looked at the coupon systems used by companies such as Groupon that are bad for customers as they risk not being able to redeem an offer that has been fully paid for, and also bad for merchants as they do not get paid for unredeemed coupons which are kept by the group-buying site. We have removed the risk from both parties while keeping a revenue stream from the website.

Scrubba Wash Bag (SMART 100)

Ashley Newland was preparing for a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He realised that with all his cold weather and camping gear he would only be able to take a few changes of clothing and would have to wash them regularly. While waterproof bags can be used to soak clothing, they lack efficiency. It was then that he had the revelation that washboards have been around for centuries and they work!

Intelligent energy optimiser for buildings takes control of third place in SMART 100

Proving that smart, solid ideas can more than hold their own against flashy ones, BuildingIQ takes home the third spot overall in the 2012 SMART 100 for an innovation with immense relevance: a management system for optimising energy consumption in commercial spaces. The BuildingIQ EMS, which grew into fruition through years of research at CSIRO, takes care of two important elements of energy management at once. First, it supplements the standard building management system by monitoring energy usage based on weather and room temperature. Second, it adjusts these settings as necessary to strike a balance between efficient consumption and human comfort.

Mozo Travel Money Hub (SMART 100)

One of our community members asked us, "What's the best way to access money while overseas?" We didn't know the answer and immediately put the Mozo Rate Chasers on the task to find out. Within eight weeks of being asked that question, the Mozo Travel Money Hub was born. That person got the answer they needed for their trip and now everyone else going overseas can too.

WeTeachMe (SMART 100)

Now a noted graduate of the Launch48 program, WeTeachMe is a solution to two real problems that exist today: (1) information overload and the inability to retain knowledge; and (2) the inability for people to profit from their passions. WeTeachMe democratises education by putting it in the hands of the masses. Anyone, anywhere at any age can learn anything they want. Anytime they want.

Chamaeleon (SMART 100)

By using new generation LED lighting, we have designed a light with two separate internal circuits -- one to provide permanent low-level light to meet emergency lighting requirements and another light circuit to provide operational levels of light when the space is occupied. The system achieves up to 93.5% energy savings.

Building Site Safety Game (SMART 100)

We have been working to help solve training issues in the construction industry by breaking down barriers. This market is experiencing a skills shortage impinged further by more stringent building licensing requirements. This initiative was developed to assist in the experiential learning of safety risks in a construction environment. It also allowed people to learn anywhere, anytime and capitalised on the massive growth of tablets and smartphones.

Crowdsourced Pricing Consulting (SMART 100)

We were at a crowdsourcing discussion group when a small business owner asked what price should he charge for his product. It then hit us: why not use a crowdsourcing model to determine what price to charge and why. We have refined the model to use use "experts" rather than a crowd and created a unique website to facilitate the interaction between clients and experts.

Employee Attachment Inventory (SMART 100)

Anthony Sork, an employee engagement expert, detected a gaping hole in the market for a product that could help businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff turnover costs. Having spent a great deal of his career having conversations with HR/Recruiters/Hiring Managers, Anthony recognised that no one was paying any attention to the bonds new employees were forming with an organisation, and how this honeymoon period of three months would set the resting point for how much effort the employee was likely to put in after they passed probation.

RecruitLoop Online Recruitment Marketplace (SMART 100)

Our co-founder swore off using expensive recruitment agencies in his (50-person) business forever. He began a mission to slash the cost and time it took him to recruit new employees. He initially found a contract recruiter who would charge him an hourly rate. He could outsource the process, but save 90% compared to an agency. Then his friends started asking for her details. There was demand for this model!

Yellowfin for the iPhone and iPad (SMART 100)

Yellowfin’s new application aims to differentiate the company from the dryness and complexity of other BI vendors by delivering a consumer-oriented mobile application for business analytics. Why? Because analyst firm Gartner states that ease-of-use is now the most important factor in any BI solution, but TDWI research shows that user adoption rates – the number of people within an organisation who actually use BI software on a regular basis to help make business decisions – are low.

USA Parcel Forwarding (SMART 100)

Until USA Parcel Forwarding, Australians faced the problem of trying to buy goods from U.S. stores that would not ship overseas or had unreasonable shipping costs. Our innovation has given Australians easy access to the range and low prices of America’s online retail market.

Interior Secrets (SMART 100)

One average 24-year-old man from the western suburbs of Melbourne was moving to a new home and given the challenge of refurnishing his parents' entire home with a small budget of $5,000. At the time he was living at home with his parents and was sick and tired of coming home to uncoordinated colours and uncoordinated pieces of furniture. He took this opportunity from his parents and was determined to have designer pieces of furniture at an affordable price but found nothing. Interior Secrets was born.

Pearl Recruitment Group (SMART 100)

I came to realisation that not all recruitment agencies needed to be the same. There was in fact a demand for very responsive and customer-focused recruiters to provide an open-book service. We place a high emphasis on quality and service standards. We employ only the best, most eager young professionals and set the standards for their account management. Our managers remain hands on and lean by example.

Biotechnix Diesel System (SMART 100)

We were working with a new water-enhancing technology and discovered it also had an effect on the structure of other liquids. This research led to early trials on the effect of putting diesel fuel through the same enhancing process. The far-reaching implications of improving engine efficiency and reducing pollution from diesel fuel were game-changing and so Biotechnix Australia was formed in partnership with the technology inventors.

Bamboo Bubby Bag (SMART 100)

My son was diagnosed with severe eczema at the same time he learned to roll and could no longer be wrapped or swaddled safely to protect his skin. We then resorted to baby one-suit outfits with hand-covers, but these also stop being made with this most useful feature at size 00-0. Distraught and sleep-deprived from being kept awake night after night, I designed the first Bamboo Bubby sleeping bag and it worked!

Bankruptcy and Insolvency (SMART 100)

I discovered that there was a way of giving people who experienced financial difficulty a way to declare bankrupt, to become annulled from bankruptcy within six months. However the "innovation" is giving the client their life back and a clear credit rating as if the bankruptcy never happened or existed in the first place.


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