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I Do Gowns (SMART 100)

We were planning our wedding and I was looking for a wedding gown with a very strict budget in mind. I shopped at home using the Internet, but was unable to find any website that dealt specifically with wedding attire. eBay was an option but was overruled because of the large number of wholesale importers with poor quality gowns.

Shop, Stock and Bill (SMART 100)

Shop, Stock and Bill is an integrated online 'in the cloud' system that manages and tracks products and payment, from retail or wholesale client orders via a shopping cart (or e-catalogue) through a stock inventory control system, tracing components, enabling warehouse management and location, freight, and finally interfaces with the client's existing accounts system to deliver customised reporting.

A stylish bid to wean Australians off bottled water takes top spot in Anthill’s...

Gretha Oost has the heart of an environmentalist and the mind of a marketer. She pondered Australians' propensity to drink water from bottles when, by and large, water from their taps are perfectly safe. Her solution earned top honors in Anthill's SMART 100 for 2011.

Ultra efficient marine hull (SMART 100)

I stumbled upon some published research work being undertaken by an overseas research establishment. Their research was not related directly to my invention but had direct application to what I saw as being directly applicable to my area of interest.

Virtual DBA (SMART 100)

Despite the lack of data management, businesses have come to depend on data for core operations and the cost of this data not being accessible in a timely fashion can be staggering. Virtual DBA came to life to meet the day-to-day challenges of availability, performance and administration of an organisation's critical Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Get a Shortlist (SMART 100)

We realised many businesses were failing to take full advantage of the power of software to improve their business, despite a compelling business case and many options available. We explored many different ways to serve end-users directly and get paid by them, but eventually concluded they generally lacked enough budget for software selection support. At the same time, we were being inundated with approaches from software vendors keen to find new customers. The light bulb went on...

mylocalsalon (SMART 100)

Shortcuts realised that whilst the Internet offers significant revenue opportunities, less than one fifth of Australian salons have an online presence -- and are missing out on potential business. Already enabling salons to take bookings online, Shortcuts wanted to drive more business to salons at minimal risk and cost to them, and enable potential clients to find Shortcuts salons anywhere, anytime.

Nanotek Car Cleaning Service (SMART 100)

After six years of success as Ecowash Mobile, we conducted market research into the consumer perception of the brand. We found that consumers were more interested in our technology. As a result of this research, we re-positioned our service and re-branded based on the unique and exclusive liquid nanotechology via which we provide our service. Whilst still having the same environmental credentials, the new Nanotek brand better conveys not only the technology but the unmatched quality of the service. (SMART 100)

Carla Penn, the founder, was visiting her monthly local farmers' market early on a Winter's morning in the pouring rain. She thought to herself, there must be a better way to access the same food products without having to physically be at the market and without having to wait another 30 days before she could repurchase. So she went home and started with a simple Google search and nothing appeared.

MyColourCup (SMART 100)

One night I called all the kids for dinner and asked them to bring the cups they were using to the table. They all walked past several cups on the kitchen counter and grabbed a new one from the cupboard. Right then I wished I had a better way to manage all the cups floating around our house. Keeping track of cups in a busy family can sometimes become unmanageable resulting in abandoned cups, spreading of illness and arguments.

DynamicCreative (SMART 100)

The purpose of this innovation is to make internet advertising in search engines more efficient and cost-effective for both searchers and advertisers. DynamicCreative’s ability to incorporate live pricing that matches inventory, for large scale campaigns, providing higher Quality Score, increased relevancy and significantly improved ROI.

IntelligenceBank (SMART 100)

The IntelligenceBank service has been developed over the last two years to make corporate information easy to find, share, manage and use, all in one central place, and without the need for IT support or infrastructure. It gives an innovative and flexible IT tool back to the people that use it operationally through a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The Admin section is so easy to use that your grandma could manage it.

MapWheel (SMART 100)

Russell Bolden of Glenbrook, NSW, had one those light bulb moments after a visitor to his home asked what direction the township of Katoomba was as they looked out over their spectacular view of the Blue Mountains. This was a question he had been asked by others too many times before without ever being able to give a satisfactory answer. The eureka moment was thinking of a direction plaque (as commonly found at lookouts) and then Google Maps and how the two could be brought together.

Jayride carpool marketplace (SMART 100)

This innovation initially came to life when Rod, keen environmentalist traveler and rideshare advocate, met Ross, expert online marketplace developer. Rod was certain that creating a carpool and rideshare network as complete and functional as a bus network was a real possibility. Ross, bringing his knowledge with online marketplaces, developed the execution which made it a reality.

Puggy paperboard construction products (SMART 100)

I was trying to find helpful and useful toys for my nieces and nephew who had too many plastic toys. I was tired of watching the kids devote only a few minutes to an expensive Transformers toy. I wanted to give them products that were also eco-friendly and guilt-free (i.e. less contribution to landfill).

ManageFlitter (SMART 100)

We had problems keeping our Twitter accounts uncluttered from users that added little value to our tweet stream. We also were having problems seeing who we were following and who was not following us back, and vice versa. There was no easy way to bulk unfollow people based on a set of criteria, so we developed a web-based application that would assist in improving the signal/noise ration of a user's Twitter account.

AusmedOnline (SMART 100)

We realised that simply providing content to a market online was not enough. We discovered that we also needed to help our customers organise, access and use the content in the easiest way possible. The purpose of this innovation is to provide nurses and allied health staff around central and rural Australia with a comprehensive online platform for them to complete and manage their Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities.

OrionVM Cloud Computing Platform (SMART 100)

Some members of this team were trying to build an Artificial Intelligence 'Learning' search engine that required plenty of computing power. After seeing what was out in the market, the idea to build a High Performance Cloud computing company was born.

Real Angel (SMART 100)

This innovation came to life after seeing how poorly managed were many hundreds of keys held in businesses such as real estate, especially building managers' large premises as they used low-security-level paper records to keep track of these valuable keys. I have wanted to introduce this some years back, however my research needed to establish the best way to collect data from keys and their tags.

DIGIVIZER technology & solutions (SMART 100)

Clinton Larson and Emma Lo Russo, ex-Macquarie Bank colleagues, came together to explore the impact that the social web and changing technology were having on traditional businesses, especially those looking to compete globally. After testing the opportunity, they launched DIGIVIZER in July 2010 -- a solution that finds the digital footprint of people organisations know (their customers) or people they should know (prospects) on the social web.




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