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Can your innovative SME solve one of these five million dollar challenges? The government is looking for you [VIDEO]


Following the successful progress of the round one pilot (started in 2016), a second round of challenges for the government’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) is open for applications.

BRII provides small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with grant funding to develop innovative solutions for government policy and service delivery challenges.

BRII encourages small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to submit their innovative solutions to solve government challenges.

Five new challenges have been identified in 2019, with up to $1.1 million of grant funding available for SMEs.

The five challenges to solve are:

1. Fast and secure digital identity verification for people experiencing family and domestic violence

2. Intelligent data to transform tourism service delivery

3. Uplifting government capability to help deliver world-leading digital services

4. Managing the risks of hitchhiking pests and contaminants on shipping containers

5. Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information

BRII presents a unique opportunity for the public sector and SMEs. By engaging with innovative SMEs, the government hopes to realise solutions to common problems.

For SMEs, BRII is an opportunity to receive up to $1.1 million in grants, as well as the intellectual property rights for any technologies/solutions they invent.

Applications close on Wednesday 17 April.  To apply, SMES need to meet eligibility criteria and complete an application online. For more information about BRII visit www.business.gov.au/assistance/business-research-and-innovation-initiative or email [email protected].