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Busy? Buzzy may just be the place to go


If mowing the lawn is the last thing you want to do with your time-starved life, then there is a new kid on the block that might make you sit up. Perhaps, it’s time to outsource your to-do list.

Buzzy is the one-stop online marketplace that allows people to outsource their “ to do” list to trustworthy and skilled people in the community.

In other words, you can now get someone to mow the lawn for you, so you can spend more time basking in the glorious sun and go home pleasantly surprised. On the other hand, people with more time and less money can now find opportunities to earn some cash.

Welcome to The Hive

The Buzzy Hive is the heart of it all, where tasks will be posted. Launched this April in Perth, Buzzy members will include professionals, busy parents, FIFO workers, retirees and self-employed business owners.

Buzzy imagines itself to be the eBay for jobs and errands, and will apparently be simple to use. Post a task on the Buzzy Hive, Buzzy Bees would bid on the task. And, may the best bee win. Categories of tasks range from baby-sitting and cleaning, to graphic design and photography.

The Buzzy Hive will be free to post on, and Buzzy will charge a transaction fee of 20% of the task amount for each task completed. And, just in case you were wondering if you should really let a total stranger into your kitchen, Buzzy ensures that every member is rated and reviewed by other members.

Who’s the queen bee?

It clearly takes one busy bee to know the other. Lauren Trlin founded Buzzy after realising that it was increasingly difficult to go through her “ to do” list of domestic errands and tasks, a frustration shared by friends and colleagues. The idea of outsourcing mundane tasks was born.

Trlin is no stranger to entrepreneurship, and has previously founded an event and networking company, Hitch Me Up.

We’re hopeful about anything that lets us shorten the to-do lists so that we can work on the bucket list.