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    BRW hosts tribute to Anthill?


    The high number of phone calls and text messages sent my way in the early hours of this morning had me quite panicked.

    What had possibly gone wrong in the world that had people texting me before breakfast?

    Well, it seems that Anthill lovers (or maybe just ant lovers) Australia wide felt that I should be made aware of BRW’s foray into ant-related visual metaphors.

    Despite the aggrieved tone of some of the emails sent my way, I don’t think anyone can blame BRW for using a compelling image (and, we must admit, common metaphor).

    In answer to the most common question…

    I don’t think it suggests that BRW is looking for ways to emulate Anthill, even if the image does ever-so-slightly echo the Anthill brand. (It’s a very faint echo in a very long tunnel.)

    Nevertheless, thanks to all those people who felt passionate enough to touch base.

    We love you ’cause you care. 🙂

    BRW Ants Cover

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