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Brisbane set to host its second Startup Weekend Women event as part of the Global Women Startup Weekend movement

Peta Ellis

The countdown is on until Brisbane hosts its second Startup Weekend Women event as part of the Global Women Startup Weekend movement taking place at Tech Hub River City Labs on February 9th-11th.

The event is part of a global community who will execute simultaneous Startup Weekend Women events all around the world in 18 countries. On average there over 125 participants attending each event.

The event kicks off on Friday February 9th and runs all weekend culminating in a final pitch event on Sunday 11th, River City Labs will be hosting Global Women Startup Weekend Brisbane 2018 .

The event is predicted to attract a crowd of like minded women who are in business or hoping to open their own business including; intrapreneurs from the corporate landscape, social media influencers, mum-preneurs who are dabbling with online businesses and want to learn to scale up, tech savvy women with mean coding skills, marketers, sales guns, frustrated employees looking for a new challenge and everyone in between.

Everyone is welcome and diversity is key, they encourage participants of all backgrounds with differing levels of ability as it will make for a better experience and teams will benefit from a good mix of skills.

What exactly is Global Women Startup Weekend Brisbane aiming to achieve?

Peta Ellis (River City Labs CEO and this years Facilitator at Global Women Startup Weekend Brisbane) says, “It is the perfect opportunity for women from all walks of life to come together, commit to themselves and give their idea half a chance in a supportive environment. Women make amazing founders, our multitasking ability truly comes into play when running a business yet many of us hold back due to thinking we already have too much on.”

“My advice to anyone sitting on the fence is take one weekend for yourself, have a crack, the support we provide during the weekend is next level and like nothing you can pay for in lengthy courses in the real world, so take all you can get. If all you walk away with is knowing you gave it a crack, then that alone will feel amazing.

“I am always surprised where the best ideas and founders come from. The mums on maternity leave with a wealth of experience sitting idle, the corporate employees who are frustrated with internal roadblocks to creativity and the humble newbie who came to ‘have a look and stayed for the whole weekend’ tend to be the stand outs every time. Booking a ticket is the first step to committing.”

The event will be held over 3 days. Attendees will pitch their ideas and the best ideas are voted. Teams are then formed to begin the working process to bring the idea to market. On the final evening, each team will present to a panel of judges and the winning idea is announced.

“RCL is glad to be hosting yet another Startup Weekend. I look forward to seeing results of the drive and energy I know that the wonderful participants put into these events. It all starts somewhere and this is a great way to understand more about starting up” said Steve Baxter , Founder of River City Labs, Qld Chief Entrepreneur and one of the Judges sitting on the panel at Global Women Startup Weekend Brisbane 2018.

Throughout the event, teams will have access to mentors and founders to help them during the planning, development, market and implementation phase. Registrations are now open to Global Women Startup Weekend Brisbane 2018.

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